Monday, August 31, 2009

About Jayne's Wedding Quilt

Jan (one of our jeans challenge gals) sent this email:

I enjoyed seeing Jayne's wedding quilt the gals made for her!! THATS what we're all about! For sharing, for having fun with our craft and for doing nice things for our friends with love!! Lovely picture of the two of you holding your flowers in front of your beautiful quilt -- what a treasure! May your marriage be sewn with all the love that is sewn with every stitch in that quilt!
Beautifully said, Jan. I couldn't agree more. Women who sew are the BEST.
Then, Jan's email went on with more trash talk about the jeans challenge -- AND a very interesting story about Bonne at a "hands-on" embroidery class at last year's

The three of us are working on our "four-letter-word" description of our jeans challenge. Also, this week, I might be able to post a few hints about what they're planning for their "Nooner" Sew Expo style show.

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