Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Book Club

It is one of the joys of my life that, for many years I have belonged to a wonderful book club. We get together at least once a month (sometimes every-other-week, just to eat lunch).

Our August meeting was at my house -- our summer porch party. Please note that yes, indeed, I DO HAVE ZEBRA STRIPED BOWLS AS WELL AS ZEBRA PLACEMATS. I could have made them myself -- but, as it happens -- it was a happy shopping day in Canada, when I was visiting my friend Marion. More RitaLuck.
Here's Sandy -- she brought two homemade pies for our lunch. (that's right -- two pies for four women -- do the math!)

Because John keeps four hummingbird feeders going ALL SUMMER LONG (that's over 10 pounds of sugar each week). As we ate lunch, we were entertained by his flock of 50-80 little hummingbirds. They put on quite a show...

What book did we read?

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