Monday, September 30, 2019

MORE I-80 Truckstop!!

I cannot tell you how big this place is. Really...there are many buildings on the site...and we only went into one of them. Even though we spent several hours exploring the main building (the one with the restaurant) -- we just scratched the surface...
When you walk down a few steps -- you enter a Department Store for Truckers...
I was not surprised that sunglasses would have a prominent position...
But it was a surprise that many of them are, apparently,  also musicians...

I'm sure they only watch television when they are parked and resting...
Speaking of resting...
You should see their mattress options!!
This giant semi is used for display inside the store
It had a giant custom mural painted on the side.
Truckers can also buy custom seats that vibrate, etc.
Well -- they can buy just about anything you can think of here...
The section of Gorilla Glue is bigger than most Dollar Stores.
This giant semi truck is on a turntable.
No kidding!  You stand there, it's a giant Lazy Susan..
The kids loved the giant Neon Display
Hood ornaments, anybody?
I am NOT gonna tell my sister Ronda this even exists!!
Hats, coats, clothes, shoes, boots...accessories OF COURSE
But the BEST THING at the store only costs 51 cents...
Can you see what it is?
You end up with a PICTURE of the I-80 truckstop!! (Guess what you're getting for Chritmas this year, Rhonda??)

Saturday, September 28, 2019

I-80 Truck Stop

After our morning at the Girl Scout Equestrian Center, we were ready for lunch.

I figured out we were not far from one of Rhonda Pierce's favorite places...the I-80 Truckstop!
Lilly took some pictures as we pulled into this mega-center-of-trucking-fun...
I mean -- IT IS THE LARGEST TRUCKSTOP in the world.
This place is less than an hour from my house -- and it was on my Grandma Camp Wishlist...but we never made it there.
First things first. LUNCH.
They have a HUGE BUFFET. Warren is six years old, and the buffet for him was only $3. I opted for the delicious pork tenderloin sandwich...
Warren got one piece of chicken.  But the tater tots and mac and cheese made his day!
His perfect sandwich.  A soft roll, with mac and cheese, and a tater tot.  Life just does not get any better than this!
After lunch, we went to explore this place.
There are mirrors on the ceiling...
And, of course, TRUCKS everywhere...!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Girl Scout Horse Day

Lilly belongs to the Girl Scouts. Recently, her troop arranged a horse back riding experience.
At the local "Camp Liberty", they have a massive Equestrian Center.
The kids and I got there first, so we started playing Banagrams...and as the other girls arrived, they joined in our game.
There was an introductory class before the girls got on the horses...
The girls all put on their helmets, and then it was time to RIDE THOSE HORSES.
What Warren brings to our Saturdays is that he is delighted with anything we do...
I tried to get some pictures of Lilly riding a horse...but if you could .see the look on her face, you'd know this is not gonna be "her thing" There was some manure smell involved...
Warren and I went back to the classroom to play cards.
The girls rode the horses around inside until they all got comfortable.
Warren and I took a walk around the grounds...
He took some pictures with my camera. 
Eventually, the girls all got to ride OUT of the gigantic barn -
The trail ride took them up a hill -- and into the woods.
The girls had a great time...

Thursday, September 26, 2019


After I showed the picture of the vintage all-in-one kitchen -- a reader sent me this picture...and a link to the NEW, UPDATED VERSION of this compact mini-wonder...


Made by Avanti, it's available at Walmart for about $900...
Seriously -- I think there are many points in a person's life where this little dynamo makes perfect sense.

I imagine my tiny loft apartment in New York City... this would be exactly what I wanted...

This unit is called a "Combo Kitchen"...and I believe it will be making a comeback!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

MDF Porch Luncheon

I have another group of friends -- Sandy, who has been doing my hair for over 30 years, is the ringleader.
We went to New York City in 2009. (Evelyn, Sandy, me and Carol)
Here we are last year -- out for lunch -- me, Sandy, Sue, Carol and Evelyn. The trays we're holding say, "DRINK UP, BITCHES"
I lovingly refer to them as the "MDF". Which, of course, stands for "My Drinking Friends". Because wherever they go -- THERE WILL BE SOME BOOZE...

When Sandy's in Iowa (she is a Florida snowbird) -- they get together once a month for lunch. Usually at somebody's house...

On a recent Friday -- it was time for my annual MDF PORCH PARTY.  They love, love, love  popovers...!!
And I have these things DOWN PAT..!!
Really -- nothing could be easier -- and they are SPECTACULAR..!!
My challenge to myself on this day was to NOT BUY ANY I started with some leftove spaghetti, cut up some veggies from the make a fritatta.
My trusty iron skillet.  It was PERFECT.
I am loving the porch this summer.
The new $4 table is perfect. I set it with my good china, zebra napkins (duh!)
And Aunt Rozella's silver!!
The complete menu was: fritatta, popovers, tuna salad, deviled eggs and cappuccino ice cream for desert. I made an extra batch of popovers so they could each take some home.

When Lilly and Warren came that night -- they argued over the single leftover popover.  So, of course, I quickly MADE ANOTHER batch for them to eat.  Making 3 batches of popovers in one day was a new personal record!!

Again -- it's GREAT to be known for one special dish.  I am delighted that Popovers is my Super-power.  (Thanks again, Marion!!  I always remember the first time I ate one, I was with you at the James Hotel in you remember?)
My renovated bench looks perfect.
Altho, to be safe, I think I will staple a plastic cover
John took a picture of the five of us that day.  (Frankie could not resist)