Friday, December 8, 2017

Grandma Camp Christmas KICK-OFF

Last Saturday, we had the kickoff event for Grandma Camp Christmas. And IT WAS A DOOZIE...Thank goodness for my friend Bonnie Britten, who posted it on Facebook. It is the Polar Express -- an actual train ride...and it's in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Warren could not be more excited!!
Lilly and I wore our Ugly Sweaters!!
Fortunately, Uncle Ross is going with us. So Lilly sat up front with Ross, and Warren and I were in the back seat.
This is how he plays Bananagrams...(it was a 3 hour car ride)
Once we arrived, we took some pictures in the gazebo.
It was a beautiful day!!
We picked up our envelope, and got our souvenir tickets.
There were some perfect climbing trees behind the Train Depot
Uncle Ross did NOT like this pre-show activity.
The people were arriving...EVERY SEAT WAS SOLD OUT IN TWO DAYS.
They do this event three weekends in that's 5,000 tickets sold.
The train was coming into the station, blowing it's whistle...
The conductors were dressed up, just like in the movie.
Ross put Warren up on his shoulders so he could see the train.
Our tickets said we were on the "Candy Cane" car. This was SO EXCITING...I worried that the event itself cannot live up to the hype....

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fitness Camp: INTO THE POOL!!

Friday afternoon, after kayaking -- it was my favorite work-out activity of the week. AND THIS IS THE ONE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE...

There is a small pool behind the condo building...and it's not deep...
Rhonda wore the Frankensewed maxi dress I made for her.
And you can't see it very good, but I Frankensewed this dress by adding 6" panels on each side. (it was a size M).
Debbi, our aerobics instructor -- is also the water aerobics drill sergeant.
Friday night, WE FINISHED THE PUZZLE..!!
Because jigsaw puzzles are not a big part of Rhonda's life,  I had to explain the rules...
At the very end, there were two trays of pieces...and we took turns working our side of the puzzle...saying "switch" when you KNEW the piece you needed was NOT on the tray.
Just like last year -- I gave this puzzle as a gift to another one of our Fitness Camp Buddies...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Salvadore Dali Museum

Even though we were in beautiful Maderia Beaach, Florida, and the weather was perfect...we were at Fitness Camp...and most nights, we were COMPLETELY WIPED OUT at the end of the day.  So sightseeing was not a big part of the equation...

After three work-out sessions, by 5:00, all we could manage was a shower and bed..

But, we knew that on Thursday night the Salvadore Dali Museum had a special $10 admission -- and they were open until 8:00....

You know my theory about travel -- YOU MIGHT NEVER BE IN THIS PLACE AGAIN!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Princeton, Iowa

I haven't been able to get the pictures out of my camera, but my Christmas adventure with the kids last weekend was SPECTACULAR.

And don't think I'm done writing about Fitness Camp yet -- I have LOTS MORE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THAT...

But, when I was looking for a certain picture, I came across some photos I took in October.
Warren comes here on Friday. Gee, I love Fridays...
He wanted to take a picture with my camera.  This is how the world looks when you're four years old...
On this particular Friday, we went to Grissom Elementary -- because they were having a Walk-a-thon charity event. I was pretty pleased with my photograph.
But -- that's my niece, Amy -- UP ON THE ROOF. I'm sure her photo ROCKED...
The kids all walked around town, with their group...
Parents and Grandparents were welcomed as well. This is my nephew, Toby, and his wife Brenda in the sunglasses.
When the kids got back to the school, Amy announced which classes raised the most money.
Yes, I love living in a small town. Well done, Princeton.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fitness Camp: Day Six

I got several letters about the shirt I wore on Thursday -- I called it a snarky t-shirt. But, just in case you can't read what the shirt's a better picture...
If a man speaks in the forest and his wife doesn't hear, is he still wrong?
So -- FRIDAY was our last full day of working out. And -- IT IS THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK..!!
It started off with a beach walk....
This is a picture of Rhonda and me from last November.  I deliberately wore the same shirt...
However, it was my PLEASURE to remove 6"of fabric from each side of that shirt!
Of course, we were headed to our Kayak adventure!!
I'm telling you -- life just doesn't get any better than this.
Me, with one of the trainers -- Hannah.
Here we are -- last year.  2016.
And -- then again -- this year.
**************** MMWI: 225.8. Yes, this is discouraging. But I'm not going to quit posting my weight. The holidays are tough...and the weekend was SPECTACULAR. So, hey, there's a price to be paid. And it's all about choices... tomorrow -- I'll tell you about my FANTASTIC WEEKEND...(it did involve Santa and a train ride)...

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fitness Camp: Day Five

I LOVED all the outfits I made for my Florida Fitness trip. And, every morning, when I went down to the gym, the other fitness clients would be waiting to SEE MY NEXT OUTFIT...(that could have been just my imagination...?)
On Thursday, I got to wear my FAVORITE SHIRT. It started out a plain, snarky t-shirt. I cut off the collar and sleeves...fringed the bottom...added some leopard bands on the sleeves...and as inserts in the side.
Then, I slapped on a silver sequins pouch (cut from another shirt, of course).
On this day -- we went to one of the beautiful parks on Madeira Beach. And we PLAYED BASKETBALL...
And, believe it or not -- TENNIS..!!
It was a beautiful morning in the park. And I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED getting outdoors and being that physical.
Hey -- I actually made a few baskets. And I can see why people would enjoy playing tennis....but Serena Williams doesn't have anything to worry about!!