Monday, April 30, 2018

Antique vs. Thrift Store Shopping in EASTON

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing both of Mary's lectures. And now -- BONUS -- Donna and I have a whole FREE day to kick around the Eastern Shore...what to do, what to do...

Well, I am happy to report that on Thursday, I got up early and went INTO THE POOL for an hour of aqua-cize. The Hampton Inn had a very small pool, and I did pack a suit...Donna was sound asleep...and, well, after the Smith Island cake -- it seemed like the right thing to do!

When Donna got up, we ate breakfast and were OFF IN THE MINI to explore the area.
There is a Maritime Museum, and a Historical Society. We could always go in that more cultural, educational direction...I mean -- I've never been here, and I might never get would be good to learn about the history of this part of the world.....
We opted for the used-store options. There was an antique mall, and, of course, thrift shops...
At the antique mall -- we could have purchased this little sucker for $1800.00.  (it IS from France!)
It's fun to kick around a nice antique mall. I'm always hoping to see what my own stuff is worth...
I didn't know oyster plates were so valuable. ($595??!!)
HERE'S WHAT MY STUFF IS WORTH!!  I have this tin (it stores Warren's dominoes). It's worth $4.  Bummer.
In this part of the country, you often find industrial wooden spools.
I'm a sucker for soup spoons...
I WANTED Donna to buy these great silk pants
About the back seat question. Not so much...
So -- we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BUY THIS bench.  Even though it was only $15...!!
We had a GREAT DAY!! We visited every thrift store in Easton.
And we had a FABULOUS lunch in a fancy downtown restaurant!! (those are homemade cheese crackers!)
Time to go back across that bridge...
I am so glad I'm not driving...I think this bridge is 6 miles long...(I'm gonna google it...)

And my trip is only half over!!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Me,Donna and her Mini...

After I hooked up with Donna, she insisted we drive HER MINI-COOPER to Easton. It was a 3-hour drive, and she was excited about this being the Mini's "maiden voyage" of the season.

Hey -- FINE WITH ME. I realized my Iowa Driving Skills were not up to Maryland standards...

I was DELIGHTED to let her do the driving...
And, let's face it -- a Mini-Cooper is pretty cute!!
Until you try to put a suitcase into the "trunk" (which actually should be referred to as the "rear glove compartment")
After one day in Easton -- this was what we had to pack into the Mini...
 With the top down -- Donna in her Mini -- YOU NEVER LOOKED BETTER..!!
So, now -- it's THURSDAY -- and we have an entire day to EXPLORE Easton, Maryland.... hummm...there could be some shopping...(does this thing have a back seat?)

Friday, April 27, 2018

My Gift for Mary Fons

You cannot be in Easton, Maryland -- with a group of Maryland quilters -- and not admire their very own local celebrity quilt.  The "Baltimore Album".  Holy Cow.

I'll say it for the 1,000th time -- I AM NOT A QUILTER.  But I know enough to have a huge respect for anybody who would tackle this baby...
I never got the story behind this particular quilt (there IS ALWAYS a story) -- but it was amazing.
And I think maybe the woman in the red shawl was the quilt maker...and I hope she is sharing the story of the quilt with Mary.
I was too focused on having MY OWN MARY FONS experience to get other people's stories.
Here's the thing. Women in the sewing/quilting industry work really, really hard. I mean -- none of it is easy. Mary Fons is not unique in her work ethic...I've witnessed this for many years. Mary Mulari, Nancy Zieman, Eileen Roche, Angela Wolf, Ebony Love, Gail Yellen,  Rhonda Pierce....Women who are speakers in the sewing industry DO IT ALL. They make their own samples, do the designing, sewing, quilting...then, they write books, design patterns or create programs to support their classes or lectures. All that requires MASSIVE HOURS of work....but they don't get paid a nickel until they take their show on the road.

They plan and book their own travel. And, they most likely do their own marketing...they build their own websites and handle their own Facebook and social media. The work is never-ending, and you would not believe the many hours that are involved BEFORE you ever see them in a classroom or up on a stage.

AND, even with all that, they are the most thoughtful, kind, generous people in the world. Really. With everything Mary Fons had on her plate -- two years ago, she took an entire day off to spend it with me and Lilly in Chicago....and I gave her sheets....remember??

So -- I schlupped another set of pure white, 100% cotton, fabulous,line-dried-in-Iowa-sheets....ALL THE WAY TO MARYLAND...
I think Mary knew what was in the bag!!
The embroidered pillowcases had frolicking lambs...(get it?) was a SPECTACULAR set of sheets.
And THIS was why I came all the way to Easton, Maryland.


P.S. The sheets really WERE Iowa-line-dried, and that scent is the best part of the gift.  But, in my suitcase, they were sitting on top of a bag of Porketta seasoning (for my friends in Pennsylvania). Hummm... I didn't think about it at the time, but the Nancy Harp Porketta seasoning looked a lot like Marijuana...and it smelled like black pepper...Or was that fennel?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mary Fons Evening Lecture

These Bayside Quilters know how to put on a really good event!!  The morning session was great -- and then, after an afternoon of exploring their beautiful little town, we were back to the Firehouse for the evening show -- Mary's lecture on "A History of Quilts."

They'd advertised "light refreshments" at 6:00.
This is their idea of light refreshments??
Mary tried to visit with every single woman in the room!!
And it was a packed house.
Mary was telling us about this new magazine, and her new job there..
Mary has so much energy...
And she has SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE.  Yikes.  She covers a lot of territory...
I'm not much of a quilter...but I DO LOVE TO SEW.  ANd my jacket was a big hit.
And I am, if possible, EVEN A BIGGER FAN of the incredible Mary Fons!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Easton Maryland, The Afternoon Report

I am a very, very lucky person...and you know I know it. But this day in Maryland was simply SPECTACULAR.

For one thing, it's the middle of April and we haven't seen the sun in Iowa for months.  I was SO HAPPY TO BE IN A WARM, SUNNY PLACE. And I hadn't seen my friend Donna for a really long time -- so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Maybe it's just the fact that -- the older I get -- the more grateful I am for a SIMPLE GOOD DAY.

And, when Anita welcomed us to their meeting that morning, I felt so happy, and important -- and lucky to be in that place at that moment in time.  Women who sew ARE THE FINEST PEOPLE.  I AM TELLING YOU..!! I was soo happy I'd made this spontaneous trip to the Bayside Quilters/Mary Fons event...
And those women thought of EVERY LAST DETAIL. THIS is a photo of the fresh flowers -- in the Firestation bathroom!!
After the morning session, Donna and I had a brief little visit with Mary. Which was great. But then, we had the afternoon on our own -- and I was so happy to be able to explore. Easton, Maryland was a BRAND NEW PLACE for me...and it looked sooo charming!!
DAFFODILS..!!! MY FAVORITE FLOWER. And they were in full bloom on this day. I cannot tell you how happy daffodils make me. Isn't that a spectacular color?? They have always thrilled me.
Easton, Maryland is the kind of town that should have it's own calendar...
It's one of those towns families flock to in the summer....and they rent a place for a week or a month....and they return year after year...
Of course, it sits right on the water.
So, finding a restaurant for lunch with a water view became our mission.
The people of the Chesapeake Bay are a special bunch!

We'll take that little table over in the corner...
The one with the VIEW...
Yep.  Another wonderful meal...on the Eastern Shore...
And they're famous for something called Smith Island Cake.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??