Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mary Fons Evening Lecture

These Bayside Quilters know how to put on a really good event!!  The morning session was great -- and then, after an afternoon of exploring their beautiful little town, we were back to the Firehouse for the evening show -- Mary's lecture on "A History of Quilts."

They'd advertised "light refreshments" at 6:00.
This is their idea of light refreshments??
Mary tried to visit with every single woman in the room!!
And it was a packed house.
Mary was telling us about this new magazine, and her new job there..
Mary has so much energy...
And she has SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE.  Yikes.  She covers a lot of territory...
I'm not much of a quilter...but I DO LOVE TO SEW.  ANd my jacket was a big hit.
And I am, if possible, EVEN A BIGGER FAN of the incredible Mary Fons!!

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