Friday, April 6, 2018


Libraries are a big, daily part of my life, and I am VERY FORTUNATE to have so many libraries to choose from.
The Bettendorf Library is awesome...I go there every's about 30 minutes from my house, (and near the Y, where I go swimming most days)  They have the BEST selection of Audio books...
But my small town, Princeton Library is one of my go-to happy places...just 5 minutes from my house. My cousin Kim and I will meet up here for coffee...and the TMBC has used the room in the back for our sewing days...Lilly and Warren are on a first name basis with both Dawn and Penny (our two librarians)
The main County library is in Eldridge -- and, right now --  Lilly has some of her art on display here. A beautiful library (where I took a paper piece class last year) -- and it's only 15 minutes from me.
The City of Davenport has a WONDERFUL LIBRARY system...this is the main library, downtown.
The newest branch is on Eastern Avenue...this is where I got my first Hamilton CD last year...
The Fairmount location is where the Fiber Arts group meets every month.
And I can't leave out the LeClaire Iowa library. Ten minutes from my house -- I used to take Warren to their 10:00 Friday Storytime...(when he was 3, and he needed his B with him at all times). Nowadays, he walks in and plays with their train board (while I sit by the fireplace and read the newspaper).
My Scott County Library Card is easily the MOST USED piece of plastic in my wallet. And I'm delighted to report that it works at ALL THESE LIBRARIES..,

Recently, the TMBC wanted to have a Featherweight sewing day...and we needed a VERY BIG ROOM..!!

Nothing impacts my life more, on a daily basis, than the access and availability of all the beautiful libraries in my part of the world.  They not only have BOOKS -- and the great audio books I'm addicted to -- but they provide programs for children, safe, educational play areas, rooms with fireplaces where I can stretch out and read the Wall Street Journal, summer concert series, winter book discussions, paper piecing classes, displays of art and/or quilts, workshops...

Well.  I'm just saying...I'm a lucky girl and I know it.  And -- hey -- when was the last time you visited your local library?  RUN....NOW....

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