Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chautauqua ROCKS!!

First of all -- no matter how many times Judy Fenton tried to explain it to me -- I simply did NOT GET CHAUTAUQUA...

Mary Mulari and I were delighted to be part of the show "Quilting Around Chautqauqua" the last weekend in September. Both Judy and Kate told me it was a beautiful place, in wetern New York -- not far from Lake Erie -- there is a stunning place -- on the shores of Lake Chautauqua -- it might remind me of the resort in the movie "Dirty Dancing". Hummm...sounds like fun, eh?
But, we simply were not prepared for's a picture I took of the Athenaeum Hotel -- where we "took our meals" every day...(more about the meals -- I promise!)

What I had NO IDEA ABOUT -- was that Chautauqua Institution is an entire SEASON -- every year, they have 9 weeks of intense learning, arts, theater, classes, lectures, writing conferences -- it's ALL ABOUT THINKING. I am sooo delighted with this place, I cannot tell you. There is a huge ampitheater that seats 5,000 people, and a "Hall of Philosophy".

From the Chautauqua website:
With more than 170,000 visitors each season, we're well-equipped to be a gracious host. Accommodations including Inns, Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts, Apartments, Condominiums, Houses and The Athenaeum Hotel are privately owned and must be contacted directly for availability and booking. Many of our property owners make rooms available to rent by the week, a few days, or even a full season. By visiting Chautauqua's Webervations page, it's easy to find the perfect place for your stay. This site allows property owners to advertise their space and let's you shop around for what best suits your needs. Simply check the appropriate box to begin your search. It's best to book well in advance as space fills up quickly.

Chautauqua is a gated community -- with maybe 300 houses -- most are large wooden homes built in the late 1800's. There's a town square -- with the St. Elmo hotel and many charming shops. Including the best independent book store I've been to in many years. Here's Mary -- walking in:

This is a picture of Mary & Nancy in the lobby of the Athenaeum Hotel -- with just a FEW of the thousands of quilting enthusiasts...the show was AMAZING...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Project Runway Week 6 Recap

I thought about skipping this recap altogether. Last Thursday night, I was in a hotel in St. Louis where the television had NO LIFETIME, NO HGTV, and NO FOOD CHANNEL. But, of course, there were THREE ESPN options -- PLUS a golf channel. Hello??? Just in case some hotel executive is reading this blog -- WOMEN TRAVEL, TOO!!

I had to wait until they uploaded the episode to the website before I could watch. I was very disappointed. My first problem was the challenge sucked. They had different "movie genres" -- and the designers had to come up with a story and a garment. Wha? To me -- it felt like comparing apples with oranges. I mean, if they were ALL doing a "period piece" -- then you can judge them. But to compare a science fiction piece with a western piece just doesn't make any sense. It's like presenting an Academy Award for "Best television show" -- and grouping the comedies in with the dramas....

Then, it was a one day challenge. Why is that? Many of the garments came down the runway half-finished -- and few of them were memorable.

Of course -- you know how much I love the format of three no-name judges -- who are SHEEP. As soon as one of them said something either positive or negative, the two others would vigorously agree.

Speaking of the judges -- could we talk about what THEY WERE WEARING?? Zoe Glassner, from Marie Claire magazine -- chose to wrap herself in a white Quaker Lace Tablecloth. Really?? And the chubby girl on the end (a costume designer we never heard of) -- with a body type I certainly identify with -- wore a shapeless black suit with a gap-neckline navy blouse, accessorized with a gray feather necklace?? Somebody -- please call Rachel Zoe. No, wait, she's on BRAVO -- and Project Runway is on Lifetime. Heidi Klum showed up at the runway show (again, not looking one minute pregnant) wearing black sequins leggings and a huge gray t-shirt. Wow. These are the "experts"??

Zoe Glassner wanted to say something pithy -- and I believe she picked out the word "snoozefest" well in advance. She chose to use it on Gordana's 20's flapper dress. Then she asked, "what makes it different from my Grandmother's dress?"

Maybe I didn't understand the challenge. Wasn't Gordana SUPPOSED to make a "period piece"? So -- if she picks the 20's as her period -- isn't it SUPPOSED to look like your Grandmother's dress?? I thought Gordana could just as easily have been in the TOP three instead of the bottom. They have made up their minds about her -- calling her a "dressmaker" instead of a "designer" -- like it's the biggest insult in the world. Aarg...

Clearly, Ramon had to go home. That green outfit was an atrocity. But Louise was certainly skating on thin ice. And her dress looked it turned out -- the kiss of death for beautiful Fatma.

I was not thrilled that Nicholas won the challenge. I thought he smoked them with an imaginative story. For me -- once again -- Christopher had the best outfit. But I was surprised to love what Epperson did -- EVEN though it was Brown. Of course. I'm beginning to wonder if Epperson has a rare type of color-blindness where he can ONLY SEE the color brown??

They're showing Michael Kors in the preview for next week. FINALLY. I had no idea how important Michael and Nina were to my Project Runway happiness. Maybe I'm gonna miss Paula Abdul after all...I wonder???


Okay -- these are not the best pictures -- I had to use my cellphone camera. But I HAD TO SHOW YOU....
Bert & I went to an estate sale that was absolutely, totally, completely amazing. The woman collected dolls and teddy bears. And every room of the house was jam-packed full. We were incredulous at her massive collection. Maybe 500 teddy bears (especially Teddy Roosevelt bears) and probably that many dolls as well.

And she had doll-sized furniture. Chippenddale upholstered little sofas, and chairs. Mission Oak little tables and chairs. Wicker sets, wooden sets -- an amazing assortment.

If I can figure out how to get those pictures OFF MY CELLPHONE -- I'll post them as well. I kept thinking about my friend Debra would have gone NUTS at this sale, babe...

Bert did manage to buy 20 butter molds. NO KIDDING!!

Sorry -- these are some really crappy pictures...but you get the idea!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Final Porch Detail

Of course, since there is now a fabulous ZEBRA rug underfoot -- I try to roll up the rug and cover the furniture when it rains. But if I'm not here... Hummm...if only I could find one of those old-fashioned roll-up shades...

Remember Ritaluck? Sure enough -- on my first trip into the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) thrift store -- there it was. The PERFECT tan-plastic-ugly-roll-up-shade. $2.50. It didn't matter to me what color it was -- I knew I was either going to paint it or cover it with fabric.

My artist-cousin Linda (last time you saw her, she was in the bathtub) came out one day, with many cans of spray paint. Inspired by Kandinsky -- this is our finished work of art. IT IS AMAZING. I honestly don't know when we were ever more pleased with ourselves and a project. (and there have been MANY over the years!) It's impossible to photograph during the day -- because the sun shines through it. So this is my first attempt at a NIGHTTIME get the idea...
I love it, love it, love it. AND IT HAS SOLVED THE PROBLEM of rain coming in that side of the porch. Thanks again, Linda. YOU ARE THE BOMB...!! I don't know what I would do without you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Jan Byron Doll.

In Davenport, Iowa -- the third weekend in September is "Riverssance". It's a lovely art fair held in Lindsay park -- high above the Mississippi River. (you can SEE the river in this pic). Bert & I each have our favorite artists. Bert loves to see what her favorite metal sculpture guy has come up with. And I can hardly wait to get to Jan Byron's booth to see her amazing stuffed dolls with the pin faces and the always fabulous quotes. For years, I have admired her dolls. Twice I have given her dolls as gifts -- I never bought one for myself. Until now. Here it is...OH MY GOD...isn't she wonderful?? I am completely overwhelmed by the doll's beauty...(maybe it's the zebra stripes, eh?)

Her dolls are unique works of art -- and I'd LOVE to have her come to Puyallup. But, of course, we don't rent booth space to vendors who sell "finished goods". Cuz you're supposed to buy the supplies so you can make your own dolls, right? So, you won't see a Jan Bryon booth in Puyallup -- but I promise I'LL WEAR THE HEAD PIN. As a matter of fact, just might have to sew an entire outfit TO GO WITH THE DOLL!! Maybe I WILL bring the doll with me!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chautauqua -- Here come the JEANS!

WOW!! I can't believe all the visitors who came to read this blog from the Millcreek Sewing email blast!! THANKS for coming here and thanks for the friendly emails -- Mary and I are looking forward to meeting you AT THE SHOW!! (Quilting Around Chautaqua)

Several of you have specifically asked whether or not I'd be wearing my recycled jeans. SO YES, I WILL...Although it's not what I'd originally planned -- how can I refuse such a command performance?? Here are some never-before-seen-pictures of me in the jeans. I think from now on, I'll have my picture taken in these jeans EVERYWHERE I GO...

Val took this close up shot of the hem can see I'm a big fan of, Debra, that really isn't a placemat (but I SURE DID THINK ABOUT IT!)

My cousin Kim took this picture of me in the jeans...nice head shot, Kim! I guess she knew what was important here, eh?!
No doubt, you'll recognize THE JEANS long before you'd recognize my head anyway!! So -- if you SEE THE JEANS IN CHAUTAUQUA-- be sure to say Hello! I am sure you will be stunned by my sewing ability and the beauty of my finished project...(yes, that was sarcasm)!

Jan the ARTIST. (Sewing, tiling, etc.)

And I thought SEWING was Jan's big talent!! After I posted the pics of my bathroom redo -- she sent me an email, telling me she made NINE tile mosiacs in her house. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? OF COURSE, I begged or some pictures -- and you can see her mosiac tile work is ART.

My favorite.....

Now, my niece Kelcy will be putting BIG PRESSURE on me to get the tile up in her new bathroom. We can do it, kiddo!! Whadaya think??

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Midwest Ya Ya Sisters & Chautauqua

YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY, PEOPLE!! Nancy Zieman is also going to be in Chautauqua!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A RARE OPPORTUNITY THIS IS?? Really -- how did this happen? YOU'RE GETTING Nancy Zieman?? Without a doubt -- the biggest name in the world of sewing?? How is it that Nancy is coming to your town?? Well --Here's the answer....

This is Nancy with Judy Fenton, our official Chautauqua hostess -- from Millcreek Sewing. Judy and her crew work hard ALL YEAR LONG to bring this show together -- and that kind of work ethic is ALWAYS rewarded. Judy and Nancy are admiring one of those incredible landscape quilts...which you can see for yourself -- up close and personal -- IF YOU COME TO Quilting Around Chautauqua! Just on the link don't even need any advance tickets....(well, I'm not sure how all that works -- but if you call Judy at Millcreek Sewing -- she'll tell you everything you need to know...)

IF YOU'RE still on the fence -- think about Mary Mulari and me (Rita Farro). We (The Midwest Ya Ya Sisters) are ALL ABOUT THE QUICK GIFTS....and we're bound to have a few ideas you haven't heard about. Quick Gifts. It is what we're known for. It's what we love. It's what we do best. We are to quick gifts what Julia Child is to french cooking. (OH DEAR...I am sooo full of myself.....sorry...)

AND -- keep this a secret -- but just moments ago, I actually MADE a quick gift which I'm going to give to Nancy Zieman this weekend....hummm...doesn't that make you just a little curious? I mean -- what fool would sew a gift for Nancy Zieman, for crying out loud...??

This last picture is meant to be a "hint" about what the Midwest Ya Ya Sisters will be bringing to Chautauqua. It's my great-niece, Memphis Rose. Although you can't tell because of the screaming fit she's throwing right now -- she is an adorable baby. And what's that? A custom crib sheet? OF COURSE! My sister, her Grandma, collects PIGS. She has pigs everywhere in her life. Pig pictures, pig rugs, pig footstools. So of course she would make a PIG cribsheet for her first granddaughter (after 6 boys!). Believe me -- no amount of money will let you buy a PIG CRIB SHEET -- but, then -- that's why we sew, right?? Yes, we are lucky, lucky girls.

HEY -- Grab a friend and COME TO THE SHOW. Or -- better yet -- come to the show to MAKE SOME NEW FRIENDS!! That really is the best thing about going to a show, isn't it? SEE YOU SATURDAY!

To find out more -- go to the website: Quilting Around Chautauqua

John & Zebra Stripes

This is my husband John & I. Next month, we'll celebrate our 39th anniversary.

Here's why....

When I showed him my new zebra striped broom, he said, without skipping even a single beat..."how fast can you go?"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More About Chautauqua

Mary Mulari hooked up with Judy and Kate at the recent Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. I think they're having a little bit tooo much fun...OR -- maybe it's just the great jackets they're wearing!!

And -- this is a picture of LAST YEAR's audience in Chautauqua!! OH MY GOD. What a beautiful room. I'm getting nervous already...

Just to show that we're bringing our "A" game -- here's a picture of one of Mary's prom dresses. Can you guess what it morphed into??


Latest Zebra Score

Bert & I went into the brand new Burlington Coat Factory Store.

What you see in the cart is a pair of zebra rain boots, and a zebra sweater, and a zebra broom, as well as a zebra dust pan and brush. Wow. I was nearly on zebra overload. I said to Bert, "If we set out today to look for a zebra striped broom, we could have had a budget of $1000 and drove for 1000 miles and we never would have found one."

But, noooooo. Thanks to Ritaluck -- we stumble into Burlington Coat on it's 2nd official day of business and I find the ONE AND ONLY zebra striped broom. For $6.99. Really. I love my life...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quilting Around Chautauqua

Mary and I are packing up for our trip to "Quilting Around Chautauqua" (click on this hyperlink for more information about the show).

Millcreek Sew & Vac puts on this INCREDIBLE SHOW -- and it gets bigger and bigger every year. We are DElighted to be presenting not one -- but TWO -- shows next weekend. More details tomorrow...

This is a picture of one of their hands-on classes. I CAN HARDLY WAIT...beautiful upstate New York -- all that lovely scenery and in the middle of an artist colony. WHAT COULD BE BETTER??

2009 Emmys

Because I have sooo enjoyed doing my weekly reviews of Project Runway -- I suddenly consider myself a Fashionista. Like all Fashionistas, I labor under the delusion that my opinion matters...
With that in mind, I just paged through over 300 pictures of what the stars wore on the RED CARPET of the 2009 Emmys. I could hardly believe how boring the dresses were. Mostly black, some red, mostly strapless, some off the shoulder. COMPLETELY solid color gowns. If there was a print anywhere in sight -- I didn't see it. For me, the most interesting dress of the night was worn by the beautiful Chandra Wilson of Grey's Anatomy. Did you see it? A fabulous big white's her pic:

This was the only dress I remembered...everything else just ran together in my head. I am so inspired by this large graphic, I think I'll try to do something like this for the RED & PINK Style show at our Charity Event. GORGEOUS...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chautauqua Quilt Show

Mary Mulari and Rita Farro are GOING TO CHAUTAUQUA...this weekend
Read more about it here -- tomorrow...

P.S. I've lost 100 pounds since this picture was taken....hey, Mary -- TIME FOR ANOTHER PICTURE, BABE...!!

Close up of Christening Gown

My friend Debra is sooo clever. I didn't even know there was a little flower on my camera!! GENIUS. So here are some better pictures. The tear is in the lining of the bodice. The lining fabric is a mystery. If I do try to hand-sew it together, is there a hand needle you'd recommend, Debra? How about thread? It is just sooo delicate...

I put a piece of pink paper under the tear so you can see it better...

Best Porch Summer EVER

Our house is very small by today's standards. But our 10' x 20' screened in porch is our saving grace. Because it really is a screened-in porch -- we can't use it every day. Maybe that's what makes it so special. In the 28 years we've lived in this house, many of our most memorable family meals and parties have been on our porch. And I have ALWAYS enjoyed decorating it. We all fondly remember the "cousins party" when we painted the cement floor of the porch. Six women came to my house, we ate, drank, laughed and talked -- while we put plastic bags on our feet, and opened up eight different cans of leftover paint. That porch floor was AMAZING. I loved that "Flamingo Period". Strings of plastic flamingo lights all the way around the ceiling -- a huge wreath with 20 flamingo ornaments, flamingo glasses, dishes, napkins, S&P shakers -- well -- you get the idea. My two sons, Ross & Elliott, enjoy making fun of my home dec projects. Years ago, we were eating on the porch and the two of them were riffing about the flock of porch Flamingos. Laughing, I said, "One day, I'll be gone and the two of you will be fighting over my Flamingo collection." Ross said, "you are so right, Mom. And here's how that's gonna go -- okay, Elliott, she's dead now -- YOU GET THE Flamingos..."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Guiding Light

It is the passing of an era. The sign of a time gone by. The soap opera I watched with my mother and my grandmother -- the soap opera my boys watched with ME -- has gone off the air.

When my son, Ross, who has not missed a day of work since he was 16 years old, heard the news of the GL cancellation -- he said he was going to take the day off work. I don't know if he did that or not. But I watched it. And it was pretty lame. Everybody lived happily ever after. (Except I couldn't figure out what happened to Jeffery.) Procter & Gamble has moved on. "Soap operas" don't make sense in today's world. For one thing -- NOBODY IS HOME to watch television during the day. And we all "tivo" through the commercials. But I'm still sad. And I'll miss Reva & Josh.

My Grandma Dodds used to talk about the Guiding Light characters like they were people she KNEW. So--goodbye my faux-friends...I'll have to be content with my faux-facebook-friends...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

HELP! Christening Gown Repair

Because I LOVE to launder vintage linens, I recently offered to help my sister-in-law, Linda -- help revitalize a nearly 40-year old christening dress AND coat. We were doing fine...we first soaked it overnight, then soaked it in got snowy white and even the lace looked fabulous.But, I realized there was a small tear in the intricate cutwork of the embroidered hem. (just not enough fabric to hold the threads together).

I managed to repair that tear -- but then, I noticed there was also a small tear in the lining bodice. This one really has me stumped. What worries me is that I'm not sure what fabric was used for the lining. I could remove the lining. I thought about ironing on a fusible knit interfacing -- but I'm afraid this lining fabric will not take the heat. Any suggestions? Debra Justice -- WHERE ARE YOU?? This is my official "SOS"...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway -- Week 5 Recap

Tim takes the designers on a field trip to the Los Angeles TIMES. Their challenge is to make a garment out of newspapers. Yippee Kayee. This is my favorite Bridal Shower game. You know – “make a wedding dress out of toilet paper”. Okay, so it's not very original -- but it could be an excellent challenge…

Back in the workroom, they’re given an assortment of Dyes, brushes, and markers. Tim tells them they’re allowed to use muslin, but it cannot show.

During his progress check, Tim tells Johnny his red dress with the origami birds is a mess. Johnny immediately took it off the mannequin, crumpled it up and threw it away. Maybe that dress had possibilities – we’ll never know. But it was disturbing that Johnny gave up on his vision so quickly. 17 minutes into the show, Johnny was doing a crossword puzzle…Here’s a clue, bud: Johnny Sakalis, or somebody who gives up way too easily: L _ _ _ _.

When the models came in for their fitting, Johnny told Emarie that his first dress got “ruined by a steamer” Wha?? Then, in the apartment the morning of the Runway show, Johnny told that same lie to his roommates. The difference here is that they were IN THE ROOM when he crumbled the red dress – so, of course – they knew it was a lie…but Johnny seemed to almost believe it…

At the Runway show, we find out the judges du jour are: Tommy Hilfiger, Zoe Glassner, and Eva Longoria Parker. Really? What’s next, Paula Abdul??

So – here’s what the designers did with the challenge:

Althea A short dress that was pleated, using the color of the newspaper to create “stripes”. Then, it fanned the folded papers to one side, and as the angle of the pleats changed, so did the “stripes”. It was a longer skirt, and it fit her model to a “t”. Eva said she wears this dress all the time. Tommy thought it was genius, the execution was well done. Zoe called it “exquisite.” (once again – are they judges or are they sheep?)

Carol did a long dress with a strapless top. The skirt was large bunches of crumbled red paper at the bottom. The dress was long and elegant and it didn’t look like paper. Isn’t that the point of the challenge? Hey – anybody who didn’t make a ‘short dress” should be in the running for the win.

Christopher HE ROCKED IT. From the very first moment, he wanted a “show stopper” and he created that. AND MORE. He designed a circle skirt that didn’t look one bit like paper. He must have cut out 10,000 little “feathers” that floated on that skirt as his model walked the runway. As great as the skirt was – the top was equally as amazing. He made a gray shell that looked like armor. Kate did an amazing job of walking the runway in Chris’s outfit – the skirt moved and flowed. It was AWESOME.

Epperson His outfit had very big sleeves that morphed into a shawl-collar around the back. The whole thing had a very kimono look to it, with a big stiff skirt that was neither long or short. It looked like an outfit made out of newspaper.

Gordana Made a short dress. A great outfit that had NO MUSLIN – and I have no idea how she made the paper move the way it did. It fit the model beautifully, and with all the intricate pleating in the front, it almost looked like a zipper closure. Heidi said, “when it came down the runway, I was a little bit bored, because it is so real looking… wearable.” What?? Heidi – ISN’T this challenge all about trying to make the paper LOOK like fabric? To make Gordana feel better, Eva said, “your only fault is that everybody else is soo amazing.” Thanks, Eva. I’m sure that made her feel MUCH better…

Irina She made a trench coat with a shawl collar and cuffs that, from a distance, looked like fur trim. Making a COAT instead of a short dress was sheer genius. I loved the way she treated the newspaper – by tearing it into small pieces, then crumbling it until it was soft, gluing the little pieces onto the large shawl collar and cuffs. The finished coat looked fabulous coming down the runway and was very unexpected. Eva was blown away. So, of course, then Tom and the other judge also said they loved it. (I simply cannot remember the names of THREE musical-chair judges every week – c’mon, Heidi – bring back Michael Kors and Nina Garcia!!)

Johnny Did a nondescript short dress. He didn’t like it. Neither did anybody else. The thing is, he worked with the newspaper by making “tiles” repeating the graphic of a woman’s face over and over again. It could have been very interesting. But, he spent a total of 20 minutes on it, and it looks slapped together. Eva said she “liked the idea, but felt it was not executed…I like classic dresses…”(yes, we know that). Heidi thinks it looks like a hooker dress. Knowing he’s in trouble, Johnny tells them the “steamer ruined my first fabulous dress, it was all draped, like a Christian DIOR” lie. Nicholas started to laugh and when Heidi asked him if there was “more to the story– he said there was no steamer.

Okay – let me say that this is the most interesting bit of Episode #5. Johnny’s lie. The first time Johnny made up the big story about a steamer ruining his beautiful dress, it was for his model, Emarie, and I thought he did it because he was embarrassed not to have much for her to try on. Of course -- he knew it was a lie. However, by the next morning – when he told the same lie to his roommates, he seemed to almost believe it himself. And by the third time the lie came tumbling out of his mouth – as he was standing on the runway, I think HE COULD HAVE PASSED A LIE DETECTER TEST…

Logan – Did a short dress that looked, overall, white with a lot of random blue stripes. It fit his model, but was unremarkable. I liked the print-fabric look of the finished garment. Logan seemed surprised by how much Oriental influence came through in his finished garment.

Louise/Kenley Made a short dress. She made some very interesting small tubes for the neckline treatment and Fatma looked wonderful in the dress. It had a short circle skirt, made out of tubes inside of tubes, all very color coded. I thought her garment was very architectural and the judges didn’t give her much credit for the way she worked with the newspaper. My issue with Louise is -- WHAT WAS SHE WEARING ON THE RUNWAY?? OMG. Where did she get that limp, washed out 1956 housedress?

That would be an interesting challenge, don’t you think? After two or three days of sewing their garments, the judges could decide to judge WHAT they’re wearing themselves instead!! Anyway – I digress…

Nicholas Another short dress. He said he was going for “90’s punk rock”. It had two overskirts – with folded pieces of paper making the straps. The judges hated it -- looks like an insect – shell casings. The one no-name judge said it reminded her of New York City cock roaches.

Ramon – Yet another short dress. It looked like a two piece. There was a Yellow/green short kicky skirt with some kind of flanges in the back. The top was red and very stiff. Forgettable.

Shirin Her short dress had a strapless bodice that was molded to her model. Although the top was predictable -- the skirt was very interesting. She built it with huge folded pieces of newspaper that created an accordion affect – and stood out about 2’ all around the model’s body. When Ebony moved, those huge folds moved and flowed -- it was original and interesting.

At the end of the show, the judges liked: Althea, Christopher, and Irina. (I would have picked: Christopher, Irina and Carol). They did not like: Nicholas, Gordana, and Johnny. (My picks: Johnny, Nicholas and Ramon). They declared Irina the winner and Johnny was sent home.

For me -- Christopher’s outfit was the absolute show-stopper. He was instantly inspired by the challenge and stuck with his vision, which was clearly a TON OF work. Although I loved Irina’s coat, her creative fake-fur collar and cuffs was a simplistic treatment that should not have beat out Christopher’s impeccable realistic feather skirt. NOT TO MENTION his gray armour-like top which was different than anything else on the Runway.

I totally agreed with the judges’ decision to send Johnny home. Maybe he was a victim of vicious editing -- or maybe he really needs to get back into rehab. It's just possible that he left too soon. (Rehab, not the show...)

Child's Instant T-shirt Apron

This is my beautiful young friend, Michaela. My friend, Valerie, is her Grandma and they love to do crafts -- but painting and stamping can get pretty messy.
This "instant apron" is really just a t-shirt with the back cut out. Then, I made "ties" by cutting across to the left (for the right tie) and back across to the right (or the left tie). Can you see?

This is SUCH A FUN project for a child. By cutting out the back and creating "ties" -- it comes off and on very easily, but stays close-fitting enough to save their clothes from any crafting and/or cooking mess.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hey -- it's Thursday!! Tonight is PROJECT RUNWAY on Lifetime. Make a big batch of popcorn and check your local listings. They will run LAST WEEK's episode before the NEW one...just in case you need to catch up!! I'll post my "review" as soon as I can.