Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Jan Byron Doll.

In Davenport, Iowa -- the third weekend in September is "Riverssance". It's a lovely art fair held in Lindsay park -- high above the Mississippi River. (you can SEE the river in this pic). Bert & I each have our favorite artists. Bert loves to see what her favorite metal sculpture guy has come up with. And I can hardly wait to get to Jan Byron's booth to see her amazing stuffed dolls with the pin faces and the always fabulous quotes. For years, I have admired her dolls. Twice I have given her dolls as gifts -- I never bought one for myself. Until now. Here it is...OH MY GOD...isn't she wonderful?? I am completely overwhelmed by the doll's beauty...(maybe it's the zebra stripes, eh?)

Her dolls are unique works of art -- and I'd LOVE to have her come to Puyallup. But, of course, we don't rent booth space to vendors who sell "finished goods". Cuz you're supposed to buy the supplies so you can make your own dolls, right? So, you won't see a Jan Bryon booth in Puyallup -- but I promise I'LL WEAR THE HEAD PIN. As a matter of fact, just might have to sew an entire outfit TO GO WITH THE DOLL!! Maybe I WILL bring the doll with me!!

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  1. That doll is too amazing for words!