Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Project Runway Week 6 Recap

I thought about skipping this recap altogether. Last Thursday night, I was in a hotel in St. Louis where the television had NO LIFETIME, NO HGTV, and NO FOOD CHANNEL. But, of course, there were THREE ESPN options -- PLUS a golf channel. Hello??? Just in case some hotel executive is reading this blog -- WOMEN TRAVEL, TOO!!

I had to wait until they uploaded the episode to the website before I could watch. I was very disappointed. My first problem was the challenge sucked. They had different "movie genres" -- and the designers had to come up with a story and a garment. Wha? To me -- it felt like comparing apples with oranges. I mean, if they were ALL doing a "period piece" -- then you can judge them. But to compare a science fiction piece with a western piece just doesn't make any sense. It's like presenting an Academy Award for "Best television show" -- and grouping the comedies in with the dramas....

Then, it was a one day challenge. Why is that? Many of the garments came down the runway half-finished -- and few of them were memorable.

Of course -- you know how much I love the format of three no-name judges -- who are SHEEP. As soon as one of them said something either positive or negative, the two others would vigorously agree.

Speaking of the judges -- could we talk about what THEY WERE WEARING?? Zoe Glassner, from Marie Claire magazine -- chose to wrap herself in a white Quaker Lace Tablecloth. Really?? And the chubby girl on the end (a costume designer we never heard of) -- with a body type I certainly identify with -- wore a shapeless black suit with a gap-neckline navy blouse, accessorized with a gray feather necklace?? Somebody -- please call Rachel Zoe. No, wait, she's on BRAVO -- and Project Runway is on Lifetime. Heidi Klum showed up at the runway show (again, not looking one minute pregnant) wearing black sequins leggings and a huge gray t-shirt. Wow. These are the "experts"??

Zoe Glassner wanted to say something pithy -- and I believe she picked out the word "snoozefest" well in advance. She chose to use it on Gordana's 20's flapper dress. Then she asked, "what makes it different from my Grandmother's dress?"

Maybe I didn't understand the challenge. Wasn't Gordana SUPPOSED to make a "period piece"? So -- if she picks the 20's as her period -- isn't it SUPPOSED to look like your Grandmother's dress?? I thought Gordana could just as easily have been in the TOP three instead of the bottom. They have made up their minds about her -- calling her a "dressmaker" instead of a "designer" -- like it's the biggest insult in the world. Aarg...

Clearly, Ramon had to go home. That green outfit was an atrocity. But Louise was certainly skating on thin ice. And her dress looked AWFUL....as it turned out -- the kiss of death for beautiful Fatma.

I was not thrilled that Nicholas won the challenge. I thought he smoked them with an imaginative story. For me -- once again -- Christopher had the best outfit. But I was surprised to love what Epperson did -- EVEN though it was Brown. Of course. I'm beginning to wonder if Epperson has a rare type of color-blindness where he can ONLY SEE the color brown??

They're showing Michael Kors in the preview for next week. FINALLY. I had no idea how important Michael and Nina were to my Project Runway happiness. Maybe I'm gonna miss Paula Abdul after all...I wonder???

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