Monday, September 21, 2009

Best Porch Summer EVER

Our house is very small by today's standards. But our 10' x 20' screened in porch is our saving grace. Because it really is a screened-in porch -- we can't use it every day. Maybe that's what makes it so special. In the 28 years we've lived in this house, many of our most memorable family meals and parties have been on our porch. And I have ALWAYS enjoyed decorating it. We all fondly remember the "cousins party" when we painted the cement floor of the porch. Six women came to my house, we ate, drank, laughed and talked -- while we put plastic bags on our feet, and opened up eight different cans of leftover paint. That porch floor was AMAZING. I loved that "Flamingo Period". Strings of plastic flamingo lights all the way around the ceiling -- a huge wreath with 20 flamingo ornaments, flamingo glasses, dishes, napkins, S&P shakers -- well -- you get the idea. My two sons, Ross & Elliott, enjoy making fun of my home dec projects. Years ago, we were eating on the porch and the two of them were riffing about the flock of porch Flamingos. Laughing, I said, "One day, I'll be gone and the two of you will be fighting over my Flamingo collection." Ross said, "you are so right, Mom. And here's how that's gonna go -- okay, Elliott, she's dead now -- YOU GET THE Flamingos..."

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