Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Guiding Light

It is the passing of an era. The sign of a time gone by. The soap opera I watched with my mother and my grandmother -- the soap opera my boys watched with ME -- has gone off the air.

When my son, Ross, who has not missed a day of work since he was 16 years old, heard the news of the GL cancellation -- he said he was going to take the day off work. I don't know if he did that or not. But I watched it. And it was pretty lame. Everybody lived happily ever after. (Except I couldn't figure out what happened to Jeffery.) Procter & Gamble has moved on. "Soap operas" don't make sense in today's world. For one thing -- NOBODY IS HOME to watch television during the day. And we all "tivo" through the commercials. But I'm still sad. And I'll miss Reva & Josh.

My Grandma Dodds used to talk about the Guiding Light characters like they were people she KNEW. So--goodbye my faux-friends...I'll have to be content with my faux-facebook-friends...

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