Friday, September 25, 2009

Chautauqua -- Here come the JEANS!

WOW!! I can't believe all the visitors who came to read this blog from the Millcreek Sewing email blast!! THANKS for coming here and thanks for the friendly emails -- Mary and I are looking forward to meeting you AT THE SHOW!! (Quilting Around Chautaqua)

Several of you have specifically asked whether or not I'd be wearing my recycled jeans. SO YES, I WILL...Although it's not what I'd originally planned -- how can I refuse such a command performance?? Here are some never-before-seen-pictures of me in the jeans. I think from now on, I'll have my picture taken in these jeans EVERYWHERE I GO...

Val took this close up shot of the hem can see I'm a big fan of, Debra, that really isn't a placemat (but I SURE DID THINK ABOUT IT!)

My cousin Kim took this picture of me in the jeans...nice head shot, Kim! I guess she knew what was important here, eh?!
No doubt, you'll recognize THE JEANS long before you'd recognize my head anyway!! So -- if you SEE THE JEANS IN CHAUTAUQUA-- be sure to say Hello! I am sure you will be stunned by my sewing ability and the beauty of my finished project...(yes, that was sarcasm)!

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