Thursday, September 24, 2009

Midwest Ya Ya Sisters & Chautauqua

YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY, PEOPLE!! Nancy Zieman is also going to be in Chautauqua!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A RARE OPPORTUNITY THIS IS?? Really -- how did this happen? YOU'RE GETTING Nancy Zieman?? Without a doubt -- the biggest name in the world of sewing?? How is it that Nancy is coming to your town?? Well --Here's the answer....

This is Nancy with Judy Fenton, our official Chautauqua hostess -- from Millcreek Sewing. Judy and her crew work hard ALL YEAR LONG to bring this show together -- and that kind of work ethic is ALWAYS rewarded. Judy and Nancy are admiring one of those incredible landscape quilts...which you can see for yourself -- up close and personal -- IF YOU COME TO Quilting Around Chautauqua! Just on the link don't even need any advance tickets....(well, I'm not sure how all that works -- but if you call Judy at Millcreek Sewing -- she'll tell you everything you need to know...)

IF YOU'RE still on the fence -- think about Mary Mulari and me (Rita Farro). We (The Midwest Ya Ya Sisters) are ALL ABOUT THE QUICK GIFTS....and we're bound to have a few ideas you haven't heard about. Quick Gifts. It is what we're known for. It's what we love. It's what we do best. We are to quick gifts what Julia Child is to french cooking. (OH DEAR...I am sooo full of myself.....sorry...)

AND -- keep this a secret -- but just moments ago, I actually MADE a quick gift which I'm going to give to Nancy Zieman this weekend....hummm...doesn't that make you just a little curious? I mean -- what fool would sew a gift for Nancy Zieman, for crying out loud...??

This last picture is meant to be a "hint" about what the Midwest Ya Ya Sisters will be bringing to Chautauqua. It's my great-niece, Memphis Rose. Although you can't tell because of the screaming fit she's throwing right now -- she is an adorable baby. And what's that? A custom crib sheet? OF COURSE! My sister, her Grandma, collects PIGS. She has pigs everywhere in her life. Pig pictures, pig rugs, pig footstools. So of course she would make a PIG cribsheet for her first granddaughter (after 6 boys!). Believe me -- no amount of money will let you buy a PIG CRIB SHEET -- but, then -- that's why we sew, right?? Yes, we are lucky, lucky girls.

HEY -- Grab a friend and COME TO THE SHOW. Or -- better yet -- come to the show to MAKE SOME NEW FRIENDS!! That really is the best thing about going to a show, isn't it? SEE YOU SATURDAY!

To find out more -- go to the website: Quilting Around Chautauqua

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