Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Emmys

Because I have sooo enjoyed doing my weekly reviews of Project Runway -- I suddenly consider myself a Fashionista. Like all Fashionistas, I labor under the delusion that my opinion matters...
With that in mind, I just paged through over 300 pictures of what the stars wore on the RED CARPET of the 2009 Emmys. I could hardly believe how boring the dresses were. Mostly black, some red, mostly strapless, some off the shoulder. COMPLETELY solid color gowns. If there was a print anywhere in sight -- I didn't see it. For me, the most interesting dress of the night was worn by the beautiful Chandra Wilson of Grey's Anatomy. Did you see it? A fabulous big white graphic...here's her pic:

This was the only dress I remembered...everything else just ran together in my head. I am so inspired by this large graphic, I think I'll try to do something like this for the RED & PINK Style show at our Charity Event. GORGEOUS...

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