Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our Mary Tri-Fecta

Lilly and Mary have been friends for a long time. They actually share a room. When Mary comes to Iowa, Lilly helps get her room ready for Mary...and the, Mary leaves her money. $4 is the going rate...We've done many things together, Lilly has attended a Ya Ya Sister show.

Lilly has shared some deep thoughts with our friend Mary...
Wow...I barely remember those days...when Lilly would let me dress her up in a velvet Christmas dress...
So, when Marimekko came to Target, Lilly knew we were on a mission for Mary Mulari. Although, she had a hard time pronouncing the word "marimekko"....she just couldn't get it right...there were too many vowels, and it was frustrating for her...
Finally, I said, "say it like a name, hon. Mary Mekko."And that fixed it for her...TOTALLY.
As we ran through the store, Lilly would spot something like this and say, HERE SHE IS, GRANDMA...
We called Mary Mulari from Target to make sure we had the right stuff...
Then, after spending the WORLD SHAKING amount of $165 at Target -- we headed to the Goodwill store...
We cold never actually BE in town and not stop at a thrift store...
Here, things are much more reasonably priced.  This big guy could be had for just $2.88...
Of course, it's just possible that nobody wants a life-sized sock monkey...but you've gotta admit -- IT IS A BARGAIN.

Lilly found him, and immediately said, "TAKE A PICTURE FOR MARY FONS, GRANDMA!!"
During our trip to Chicago, Lilly's new friend, Mary Fons, introduced her to her sock money mascot...Pendennis...
OF COURSE, I took the picture!!
When we got in the car to drive home, Lilly said, "We've had a very merry day haven't we, Grandma?"

Surprised by her choice of words, I said, "what do you mean?..."

Then, with a broad smile, she said, "Mary Mulari, Mary Mekko and Mary Fons..."

We both laughed...she was SO PLEASED with herself. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ Wednesday

The Splendid Sampler™ Wednesday
(...skip this part if you're not new here...)

The Splendid Sampler™ is an internet sew-a-long created by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. It is an EPIC sew along...
  • 83 fabric designers have created specific blocks that feature different quilting techniques. (paper piecing, fused applique, etc.).
  • The blocks will be released each week, and are FREE to participants until March 2017. (at that time, they'll use the designs to publish a book).
  • You can use whatever fabric you like.
  • There will be pictures on their Facebook page, etc.
The new block designs come out twice a week....on Sunday morning and Thursday morning. I'm doing this with my TMBC...and, therefore, it is my pleasure to BLOG ABOUT IT every Wednesday.
LP did a beautiful job with the embroidered block -- AND she continues to improve her paper-piecing skills with some rogue blocks NOT from the Splendid Sampler...
Hey -- Me, too!!
This was my obvious mistake.  HOW DID I SCREW THIS UP??
Sandy's perfect block...looks like wrapped candy, eh?
Her embroidery is looking fabulous..
Sandy is going back for some do-overs....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My New Striped Purse

To review, my perfect purse must meet a strict set of criteria. Like:
  • Fabric, not leather...(to be lightweight)
  • Long rather than deep (hate digging)
  • Top zipper
  • Cross body strap
  • Two outside pockets (phone pocket AND key pocket)
  • No black lining.
This purse had some possibilities...although I cannot abide the big flap
It DID have the topside zipper
And -- the price was right!!
What if I carefully REMOVE the flap...??
Cut it down to size...
Then reattach to the front of the bag? IT WILL BECOME A DOUBLE POCKET!!
The only problem is I didn't get a picture of the FINISHED PURSE. I gave it to my cousin Linda (who lives by my purse rules)...and she is enjoying it. So NEXT WEEK I'LL TAKE A PICTURE...I see her every Tuesday!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Judy P.

A key to my happiness is having a special girlfriend activity to look forward to every week. To insure the success of this plan, I have a standing Tuesday Morning Book Club (aka TMBC).

Sandy, me, Jackie (now in NC), and the two Linda's. LK and LP.

Because I am such a glutton for JOY, I usually plan an additional girlfriend day for either Thursday or Friday...
These three women, Phyllis, Ronda and Judy -- were all on the original Rita's Sew Fun team. 
We get together whenever we can.  This visit was at Judy's house.  After lunch, we worked on a jigsaw puzzle.
Judy gave me a set of embroidered towels (as an anniversary gift)...
We always enjoy the tour of Judy's latest sewing projects...
On this visit, she had several baby quilts in the works...
If you're smart, you will invite Judy to your birthday parties, showers or any other gift-giving occasion.
Recently, LK and I went to Judy's house for a tutorial about the Splendid Sampler piecing...
Because Judy is such an awesome teacher -- LINDA GOT IT!!
Anyway -- Judy was my special event last week.  We had breakfast at a great little Downtown Davenport Dive...and it is always great to do a catch up.
So -- who will I be catching up with this week?? I CAN HARDLY WAIT...!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Saturdays

Rock Creek Marina is about five minutes from my house.  Lilly went to a day camp (called Bug Camp) last summer.  I've told you about their wonderful boat rides..

And they have many activities for families and children. Last week, they had a Spring Fling -- and Lilly was so excited. Warren is too small to understand what it was all about...but HE LOVED IT.
When we arrived, the woman who runs the place (Jessica) was placing a bat (which sneaked inside the building) onto a branch of a bush...
Lilly wanted an up close look at it.
This was as close as I wanted to get...
On the deck, there was a guy making animal balloons.
It was our first really warm day.
The inside activities included making beaded worms.
Warren was GREAT at that.
Lilly loved helping him.
Outside, we waited our turn to make a mini-compost station
Surprisingly -- we had the playground equipment ALL TO OURSELVES..
There was a walk across a bridge...
Lilly was being a terrific big NOBODY FELL IN THE WATER.
And, yes -- I know how lucky I am. Life just doesn't get any better than this...

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Marimekko

Lilly and I went directly to Target after I picked her up from Sunday School. I had talked to Mary that morning, and knew that her store was sold out of most things...and I feared we would be too late....It was almost Noon before we got there....

The parking lot was packed...
The store was decked out with Marimekko decorations.

But the big display of merchandise was all the way in the back. AND THERE WAS STILL PLENTY OF IT!!
OF COURSE, I had to get one of the huge totebags...
Initially, I put MANY THINGS in the cart -- then we called Mary to see what she wanted us to buy for her...
At the end, I bought five sets of dishtowels, two sets of napkins, one beach towel, the totebag, and a kite.
The napkins are 24" ...and I think they will become a jacket for Spring Quilt Market.
I was checking out, and the clerk said, "that will be $165.38"....and I thought Lilly was going to pass out. After we got in the car, she repeatedly asked me how much money I spent.  (Obviously, our shopping trips are usually to thrift stores, and normally, I make her choose just one 88 cent purchase...)

She KNEW this was an extraordinary day...and apparently, now that she is seven, she's figuring out the VALUE of money.  The sum of $165 seemed colossal to her.

After I said the number three times.  Yes, I spent One-Hundred-And-Sixty-Five-Dollars....she said, with a hint of mischief, "can I tell Grandpa?"