Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Easton Maryland, The Afternoon Report

I am a very, very lucky person...and you know I know it. But this day in Maryland was simply SPECTACULAR.

For one thing, it's the middle of April and we haven't seen the sun in Iowa for months.  I was SO HAPPY TO BE IN A WARM, SUNNY PLACE. And I hadn't seen my friend Donna for a really long time -- so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Maybe it's just the fact that -- the older I get -- the more grateful I am for a SIMPLE GOOD DAY.

And, when Anita welcomed us to their meeting that morning, I felt so happy, and important -- and lucky to be in that place at that moment in time.  Women who sew ARE THE FINEST PEOPLE.  I AM TELLING YOU..!! I was soo happy I'd made this spontaneous trip to the Bayside Quilters/Mary Fons event...
And those women thought of EVERY LAST DETAIL. THIS is a photo of the fresh flowers -- in the Firestation bathroom!!
After the morning session, Donna and I had a brief little visit with Mary. Which was great. But then, we had the afternoon on our own -- and I was so happy to be able to explore. Easton, Maryland was a BRAND NEW PLACE for me...and it looked sooo charming!!
DAFFODILS..!!! MY FAVORITE FLOWER. And they were in full bloom on this day. I cannot tell you how happy daffodils make me. Isn't that a spectacular color?? They have always thrilled me.
Easton, Maryland is the kind of town that should have it's own calendar...
It's one of those towns families flock to in the summer....and they rent a place for a week or a month....and they return year after year...
Of course, it sits right on the water.
So, finding a restaurant for lunch with a water view became our mission.
The people of the Chesapeake Bay are a special bunch!

We'll take that little table over in the corner...
The one with the VIEW...
Yep.  Another wonderful meal...on the Eastern Shore...
And they're famous for something called Smith Island Cake.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

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  1. My son and DIL lived in Easton for awhile. Beautiful town. And I'd forgotten about the Smith Island Cakes....they live in Salisbury and we still get them when we visit. Thanks for the memory.