Monday, April 30, 2018

Antique vs. Thrift Store Shopping in EASTON

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing both of Mary's lectures. And now -- BONUS -- Donna and I have a whole FREE day to kick around the Eastern Shore...what to do, what to do...

Well, I am happy to report that on Thursday, I got up early and went INTO THE POOL for an hour of aqua-cize. The Hampton Inn had a very small pool, and I did pack a suit...Donna was sound asleep...and, well, after the Smith Island cake -- it seemed like the right thing to do!

When Donna got up, we ate breakfast and were OFF IN THE MINI to explore the area.
There is a Maritime Museum, and a Historical Society. We could always go in that more cultural, educational direction...I mean -- I've never been here, and I might never get would be good to learn about the history of this part of the world.....
We opted for the used-store options. There was an antique mall, and, of course, thrift shops...
At the antique mall -- we could have purchased this little sucker for $1800.00.  (it IS from France!)
It's fun to kick around a nice antique mall. I'm always hoping to see what my own stuff is worth...
I didn't know oyster plates were so valuable. ($595??!!)
HERE'S WHAT MY STUFF IS WORTH!!  I have this tin (it stores Warren's dominoes). It's worth $4.  Bummer.
In this part of the country, you often find industrial wooden spools.
I'm a sucker for soup spoons...
I WANTED Donna to buy these great silk pants
About the back seat question. Not so much...
So -- we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BUY THIS bench.  Even though it was only $15...!!
We had a GREAT DAY!! We visited every thrift store in Easton.
And we had a FABULOUS lunch in a fancy downtown restaurant!! (those are homemade cheese crackers!)
Time to go back across that bridge...
I am so glad I'm not driving...I think this bridge is 6 miles long...(I'm gonna google it...)

And my trip is only half over!!

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