Saturday, April 14, 2018

Jeans Re-Style

On Thursdays, I pick Lilly up from school and take her into town to her "Acting Class". It's the program put on by the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department. I've talked about it before -- they have an excellent Children's Theater program -- one of the oldest in the country.

Anyway -- when I picked Lilly up, I was delighted that she was wearing her FAVORITE PANTS... which, of course, I'd made for her (from a pair of thrift store jeans that cost $1.00)
The key is you have to cut the leg open (on the inside seam).  Then, I basically ironed on the t-shirt fabric that had all the wild Picasso-like graphics.
From the back side -- I sewed around the faces and shapes BEFORE I cut away the denim on the front side.
THEN, after the knit fabric was stitched into place -- I cut away the denim from the front.
The more you wash them, the more fringy the denim gets. Lilly's favorite pants look all hairy now -- and SHE LOVES THEM...
This is an earlier pair I did for her...she was into shimmer at that time...

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