Friday, April 20, 2018

Mom's Apple Pie 2.0

Hey -- this re-run is from 2009!!  The year I started this blog.  There isn't a day in my life when I don't think about Apple Pie.  This is a conversation I have helps me.

November, 2009:

First of all -- I can't believe you have TIME TO READ A BLOG today!! With Thanksgiving two days away -- it's just not possible to get everything done. So my tip of the day is "Mom's Apple Pie". My Mom baked the absolute BEST apple pie in the world. Here's a visual...

But this is not a recipe -- it's a metaphor...which might help you get through the holidays. Think of every single day as one of Mom's Apple Pies. A wonderful, delicious treat meant to be enjoyed. But, it's only one pie -- and if you try to cut it into a hundred different pieces, nobody enjoys it.

When the boys were small, I was running a retail business. I was being pulled in many directions -- there was work, special events, marketing, Chamber of Commerce, the beginning of my speaking business, then I'd go home to cooking and cleaning, mountains of dirty clothes, little league baseball games four nights a week, wanting to eat dinner with them, but having no time.

One day, I realized I had just as much time as everybody else. I simply was not doing the things that mattered to me the most.....That's when it hit me that each day was like one delicious apple pie. I GET TO DECIDE who gets a piece of my pie. My family deserved HALF. The business needed the other half. So the Chamber of Commerce fell off my priority list and I let other people take over the PTA and running the school carnival.

So there it is -- my Apple Pie Philosophy. It is YOUR DAY, AND YOUR TIME. And only YOU can decide who is deserving of your time and energy. Embracing this philosophy gives you the right to say "NO". Maybe you'd rather rock the grandbaby than bake your own rolls. get my also gives you the right to say "YES"...

2018 Apple Pie Winners:

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  1. I love the Apple Pie Philosophy - thank you for re-sharing it!