Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My LEAST FAVORITE thing to do...

Like everybody else in the world -- I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST.

I always have.  In 1973, John and I moved to Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.  I went to a new dentist who had been recommended by a friend.  At that first appointment, I told Dr. Smith (bogus name) that I had a low tolerance for pain -- and, as a matter of fact, I usually got my shot of Novocaine before the x-rays.

Without skipping a beat, with both hands stuck in my mouth, Dr. Smith said to his assistant, "let's not waste a whole file folder on Mrs.Farro -- put her information on a recipe card.  Use a pencil."

I stayed with that dentist the whole time we lived there.  So, obviously, I appreciate a sense of humor.

Fast forward.  In 1981, I started going to young guy right out of Dental School -- Greg Glade.  He was just starting out -- and I figured he would be my LAST dentist.  But, alas, Greg retired EARLY -- so now, I have to start with a new dentist.  Again.

On my second visit to HER (my new dentist is a woman), she told me she found a cavity INSIDE a crown. Ugh.

At my next appointment,  she hammered and pried, using various tools...it was a real struggle to remove that crown so she could get at the decay. Ugh. Apparently, Dr. Glade did an excellent job putting that sucker on.  After removing the crown, I had to endure the horrible grinding...

But maybe the most uncomfortable part of this procedure was sitting in the chair, waiting for the goopy stuff to harden enough to make a mold for my new crown.  ugh.  As I'm sitting in the chair, trying to NOT MOVE or SALIVATE....the dental assistant said,  "we had to look back at your old records to see when Dr. Glade did the original crown.."

Of course, I couldn't talk...so I just made a humming sound with my throat....the assistant prattled on..."Guess how long ago he did that crown."

Another guttural sound from me...I tried to make it sound like a question mark...because, of course, I HAD NO IDEA....

Then she said this,

 "He did that crown in 1981.  And then -- ELEVEN YEARS LATER - I was born..."

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  1. So, she has a sense of humor too. FYI, I had been married for 6 years when she was born....lol