Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 Christmas Lunches

There are SO MANY WONDERFUL events during the Christmas season!! You simply have to pick and choose...
The Christmas luncheon at the Outing Club is a no-brainer!!
The topic this year was "Growing Up on a Scott County Farm in the 1960's"  So, OF COURSE, I invited my friend Sue.
It was our TMBC Christmas event (speaker in the middle)
THEN -- as if I hadn't packed enough holiday cheer into this week -- I invited my sister-in-law, Jeanne, to go with me on a Christmas Adventure...(the very next day).
Here we are, at the Abbey Depot in Moline, Illinois.  Jeanne didn't know where we were was lunch and a choir event.
The Davenport Central choir was SPECTACULAR.
We had such a nice time, I asked one of the students if they did a public Christmas concert. (because I'd love to take Lilly). And he said, YES -- on December 18th. So, Jeanne and I got together AGAIN on that night, and took Lilly to that concert.

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