Monday, August 31, 2009

Jeans Challenge -- email from Bonne

Bonne wrote to tell me she WANTED THE SEWING MACHINE LAMP... and also, she loved the picture of Jayne's wedding quilt. That was a very touching story....thanks again, Jayne, for sharing!!

Bonne said: Jan may absolutely love HAND sewing, but in my book it's a four letter work. Last evening while I was doing the Four Letter Word, I was trying to think of something fun. I decided to try and imagine what each of your garments would look like, and I think I just may be starting to come up with a visual in my mind.

Rita: a wonderful, very sassy, creative pair of jeans with a possible zebra gusset :-)
Jan: an amazing, colorful, artistic jacket with just a hint of thread (not! -if I know Jan,more like miles of thread- LOL!)

Am I getting warm Ladies???
So -- Bonne. hummm....your email makes me think the three of us should come up with a FOUR LETTER WORD that would describe our finished jeans project. THAT's your next clue I'm thinkin'.....

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