Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris & Judy -- My Silly Stalkers

I LOVE BLOGGING!!... No kidding!! It is especially fun when I actually hear from somebody who is READING this blog. And, as you know by now -- whenever that happens -- I quickly try to post a picture of that person. And, hey -- it's been a HUGE learning experience!

After Chris emailed me the other day -- it wasn't hard to find a picture of her & Judy -- as they have been stalking me FOR YEARS!!

In this picture, Judy is holding their well-worn, detailed "Expo Journal".

For many years -- they have kept a detailed journal of each day they attend Expo (and they always come for ALL FOUR DAYS). They write down EVERY SINGLE CLASS they attend -- what they thought of the class -- the teacher, the handouts, what they liked or didn't like. What they learn, what they intend to do with their new knowledge...THEIR BOOK IS AMAZING!!

Last year, the two of them ended up being the "sous chefs" for Nancy Zieman at the "Kick it Up A Stitch" event. They brought supplies -- crock pots, utensils, groceries -- whatever Nancy needed -- they drove everything all the way from Oregon (okay -- it's not really that far -- but the extra kitchen supplies did mean they had less room for fabric purchases to take home...still a sacrifice, right?).

And this picture is of the two of them surprising me right before I started the "Go RED" Style Show on sunday morning. Although I did urge everybody attending the event to wear something "red" -- I certainly NEVER EXPECTED THESE OUTFITS!! WHAT A SHOCK! I cannot remember when I ever laughed harder! Although I appreciate all the work they went to -- making those fabulous "Go Rita" red shirts -- I've gotta wonder if they really had much opportunity to wear them this year?? (Maybe washing the car? Or painting the house?)

The message on my shirt says, "It's only funny until somebody gets hurt. Then it's freaking hilarious." And, just for the record -- I've had LOTS OF OCCASIONS to wear my Go Red shirt this year! (cuz that's just how I roll...)

OH YEAH -- we had a really, really good time in 2009 (that almost rhymes, eh?).

I can hardly wait until next year. Chris & Judy are what Expo is all about. And, for us -- it really is a sisterhood.

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  1. Love it, love it! Sisterhood is a beautiful thing...