Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Deanna Springer in Pittsburgh

Well -- today's "blogging assignment" is to send myself a picture off my cellphone, then write a little "behind-the-scenes" view of what everybody does the OTHER 361 days of the year. (when we're not working at the Puyallup Sewing & Stitchery EXPO).
This is my friend Deanna Springer. She is the familiar face that used to organize and run the Nancy's Notions booth in the Pavillion.
Deanna is Nancy Zieman's very capable "right hand woman." She is the show manager for "Quilt Expo". , the big Quilt Show in Madison, Wisconsin (coming up soon!). I just made you a hyperlink (I hope). If you click on it -- you should end up on the Quilt Expo website...
Anyway -- I took this picture of Deanna in May at the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Market is the retail trade show for the quilting industry and it's in a different city every year.) Deanna and I had a little bench we'd meet on....after a few days, we referred to the bench as "our office".
One of the highlights of the Pittsburgh Market was the afternoon Deanna and I went to enjoy "High Tea" at the Omni William Penn Hotel. OMG....I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard.
We're a couple of country girls at heart, and high tea was a pretty big reach. Sadly, we both tried to fake an English accent...and I can still see Deanna holding her pinky finger up in the air. You would not believe her reaction to the delicate little china bowl of "clotted cream".
Hey, Deanna -- we'll both long remember those little salmon sandwiches with the crusts cut off -- won't we??
At the end of one hour of rioteous laughter, Deanna turned to me and said, with a completely straight face, "Gee. I would've thought our waiter would have enjoyed us more."
Oh, yeah. We annoyed him to Nooooo end, babe!! It's a good thing we were leaving town the next day. I'm pretty sure we were officially banned from anything approaching a High Tea event...

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