Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Book Club, Part 2

So -- here are my other book clubbers. Linda P. is the "Kindle Girl". I'm sitting on the couch with the OTHER Linda...Linda K.

For our August book club meeting -- it was unseasonably cool and breezy on the porch. We ate chicken salad (with the grapes and walnuts -- yum) -- and you already know about Sandy's two homemade pies. Book Club is NOT about the diet food!!

Because I could not figure out how to
take a picture of the four of us at one time (yes, I know there's a feature on my camera -- but I'm just not there yet, people) -- I did the only thing I could think of. Here is a picture of OUR FEET.

The four of us are holding up the August Book -- which we all loved. Harlan Coben. In the Woods. He writes some barn burners...

Yes, that is a FABULOUS ZEBRA RUG you's all quite amazing!!

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