Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project Runway

I AM SO EXCITED! PROJECT RUNWAY IS BACK!! Thursday night at 10:00 EST. on LIFETIME.yes, yes, yes...

Of course, I already watch WAY TOO MUCH television. But, just as I was really missing my "So You Think You Can Dance" -- Lifetime finally came along with the new season of Project Runway.

I AM SAVED!! (for a minute there, I thought I was going to have to watch the History Channel with John...)

Did you watch the first five seasons on BRAVO? Season one with Jay McCarroll was my absolute favorite. And guess what? Jay is one of my "Facebook Friends". He makes a lot of interesting comments, and it's fun to follow his designing career.

Last year -- Brother Sewing Machines brought Jillian Lewis to our Go RED Style Show. Do you remember the fabulous dress she made for our event? I loved that she was such a good sport about taking off the "bottom" of her shirt -- and then she walked down again, in the "short" dress.

I get all the seasons confused...but I think Jillian was on Season 4 -- when "fierce" Christian won. Right?

Anyway -- I'm glad Project Runway back. I don't know the names of the designers yet -- but I thought they picked the right winner AND the right loser.

Christopher was the winner -- and I like him a lot. He doesn't have any formal designer training -- but he seems to have mad sewing skills. AND he's from Minnesota -- so I'm thinking maybe Mary Mulari knows his people...

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  1. I am so, so happy to be watching PR again. Life is good!