Saturday, August 8, 2009

Facebook Fun!

What fun! Because of Facebook, I've been befriended by my husband's nieces and nephews in Pennsylvania. Marissa, Marci, Tran, Joel, Jeff -- just to name a few...

Yesterday, thanks to Facebook, I saw Marci (Pittsburgh) giving her baby, Graem, a bath in a salad bowl (actually, a $50 European spa baby tub), then I kidnapped a picture from Kelcy's blog (my Iowa niece) about her Safari nursery decorating project, I posted some new pictures of my granddaughter Lillian on my Facebook page and then I found out that Tran & Joel (Philadelphia) are ALSO expecting a new baby in December. Suddenly, in my family, for the next generation -- it's like a baby wallapalooza...

And I love hearing about their lives.

Although, when I tried to pull this wedding photo off Tran's blog -- it came to me small and fuzzy. But you get the idea. Last September, my husband's nephew Joel married the beautiful Tran (in pink). Tran's parents are on the left, and Joel's parents (Jerry & Linda) are on the right. It was a really amazing wedding. Joel's family is Italian/Irish and Tran's family came from Vietnam. It was a cultural extravaganza -- and I never ate more delicious food (17 courses) in my entire life. I am delighted they're expecting a baby -- and, as near as I can figure (from the disjointed bits you get on Facebook) -- they're vacationing in St. Martin's, and the baby is a boy who will be named Dominic.

Or, maybe I've got it all wrong. They could be vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and the baby will be named Martin...But I'm pretty sure I got the "BOY" part right...

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  1. The picture of Graem in the giant bowl is adorable!

    Tran updates me frequently with family news/gossip from Facebook. Its a very good source for information, I think she is more up-to-date om my family than I am because of it!

    I hope Lillian is doing well, Tran showed me the pics from Facebook and she is a cutie!!!

    and one last thing...
    We vacationed in St. Martin and the tentative baby name is Dominic, but that could change, who knows!

    St. Maarten is a beautiful place, as long as you don't mind nude people;)

    With love,