Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday's Treasure Hunt, Part 2

Our treasure-hunting-Saturdays are always educational. Like -- who knew there was a magazine in the 1950's called "Sexology"?? I could have bought this assortment for only $16.
(but, frankly, I already know way more than I actually need to know about this topic...)

This sweet little "Mother's" plaque made me think of my cousin Kim. Altho her collection "is complete" -- we have both lived the poem:
"Flowers a child may understand,
But the message they impart
Cannot bless like Mother's hand
Or the whisper of her heart".
The poem also reminded me of my new young mother-friend, Shaundra.

This cute little kitchy duck had a pincushion & spoolholders. Only $5.

If you can make it out -- this is a beautiful porceline tabletop that has been fastened on top of an OLD TREADLE SINGER BASE. Isn't it cool? I think it was $110. But -- as wonderful as this table is -- it was NOT the best sewing treasure of the day....

THIS WAS THE BEST!! Can you see it? In all my years of treasure hunting -- I've never run across something like this. Do you get it?

IT IS AN OLD SEWING MACHINE MADE INTO A LAMP!! Really, people -- I LOVE my life! The lamp had an oak wood base.

Ohhhhh, what heaven!!
Guess how much?

ONLY $45....

Don't you wish you could visit me in Iowa? Really, I think our crop of junk stores is better than either our corn or soybeans...

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