Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sewing is the gift...

An email I received:

Quilting is a new adventure for me and I have become a part of the Busy Bee Quilting Guild of Snohomish County. I am sure you know of “smaller” groups within the larger ones. I have the pleasure of belonging to the most WONDERFUL (small)group!!! The “Frayed Edges” ladies have been quilting for “many moons” and are so willing to teach me all that they know. They encourage me with each new technique I try… me have patience with each new thing I try as well.

I recently got married…(June 27 2009) where as a wedding present, these ladies made the most BEAUTIFUL wedding quilt for my new husband and I. There is NO doubt of the Love and patience shown in this quilt. I cried excessively when we opened it at the wedding.

I have heard of the Sewing Expo from other “sewers” by have not had the pleasure of attending a show yet. I intend to change that in 2010!!! I receive the newsletter you write…(which is Great!!) and went to the sew expo website. I am only seeing info from 2009. Am I going to the wrong place for new info? I was curious about the classes offered, etc. for 2010.
THANKS so much for writing, Jayne -- and thanks, too, for giving me permission to put the picture of your beautiful quilt in this blog. I have always said WOMEN WHO SEW ARE THE BEST. Really. I believe women who sew are, as a group, the kindest, most thoughtful group of human beings on the planet. Your quilt is testimony to my theory...

The new website will be launched in September, Jayne. Although, there won't be actual class descriptions posted until after Christmas. At this moment in time, Ann Sagawa is buried under hundreds of class applications. Three women -- Joanne Ross, (Chair of the show), Janet York (Operations Manager) and Ann Sagawa (Education Director) jury the class apps -- and, as you can imagine, it's A BIG JOB...

THANKS for reading my blog, Jayne -- and we are looking forward to seeing YOUR ENTIRE GROUP OF BZB QUILTERS at the 2010 show!! (You DO know Eleanor Burns is our special guest for the Quilter's Night Out, right??)

P.S. can I just say that I do not think there is anything more beautiful than a hand-made quilt hanging outside on a clothesline. It makes me smile every single time...your wedding picture is awesome.

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