Friday, August 28, 2009

Deena's Baby Boom

My sister Deena has three children -- and her kids gave her a big jump on the "Grandma Gig". Even though she is MUCH younger than me -- she had two granddaughters before I got one. In November, she gets TWO MORE babies!!

Her daughter, Kelcy, is expecting in November. Way back on August 7, I posted a picture of Kelcy's hand-painted nursery and the Safari-themed bedding Deena made. It was beautiful...

Well, Deena's son, Toby and his wife Brenda are ALSO EXPECTING in November. Since Deena made the "crib set" for her very first grandchild -- now it is a tradition she must maintain. And -- HER KIDS ARE KEEPING HER PRETTY BUSY, EH??

This is the set she made for Toby & Brenda's baby. Isn't it beautiful? I hope you can see the beautiful embroidered tractor scenes. Toby & Brenda already know they're having a boy. (Kelcy does not know -- or at least -- she's not telling!)

THE POWER OF SEWING, EH?? No matter how much money you had -- it would not be possible to buy such a perfect, individual, themed set of quality bedding for a new baby. I hope our kids know how lucky they are.

Well, actually, it's only DEENA's kids who are getting the handmade bedding sets...


  1. Love it!!! :) Mom does such great work!!!

  2. Hey, babe -- I hope you're enjoying the weekend together. Did you see your nursery on Aug. 7? GREAT job...