Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bonne's Jeans Challenge Email

Email from Bonne -- the accountant/half of the Sewing Challenge DUO:
August 25, 2009
Hey There Rita,

Would you be okay with a Sept 8th deadline (2 weeks from today)? It's just not in my nature to start a project until the one I'm working on is complete, and I will be done with current project this evening - a little obsessive, but I never have an unfinished project LOL!!!!! Jan on the other hand can work on many projects at one time. You 2 have probably gotten a jump start on me :-)
Okay, now for the fun stuff. Since this is a challenge I'm assuming we can't see each other's final completed project until the end, but we will share bits and pieces along the way. Jan & I tend to throw in some good natured "trash talk" emails throughout the year with our Expo challenges - what do you think?

My first bit/clue to what I'm doing: Are you envious of my hoard of old jeans I've been saving for years? Actually I use them quite frequently for totes or throws. Being the literal type I'm going to make a jeans jacket using a McCall's/Palmer/Pletsch pattern. Oh, but watch out Jan & Rita, wait till you see what I do with it!!!

Well I'd best get back to work, Bonne
Okay, Bonne -- the September 8 deadline is perfect! I don't have much of a head start -- altho I did cut up two old pair of jeans. And, well, I did all that fun old-decorated-jeans-Goodwill shopping! But, apparently, with the stash you already have -- you didn't need to do that. The most surprising thing in your email was the part where you can't start a new project before you FINISH the one you're working on. I was dumbfounded. What a concept. I am telling you the truth, Bonne. In my whole life, I never once let an unfinished project get in my way....
Sometimes, you just need to let them know who's boss, babe!!
And -- hey -- TRASH TALK??? Are you kidding me?? THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOO MUCH FUN!!! I am really down with that, girls.

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