Thursday, August 13, 2009

Red Thread Jacket?

Who's booth is this? And who are those beautiful women? I know for sure the brunette is Nancy Jewell -- and there's a good chance the blonde babe is Lynn Browne. They tag-teamed a great booth for COATS & CLARK at Expo last year. No, the more I look at it -- I'm not so sure it's Lynn. But I AM sure it's Lynn in the second picture....(keep scrolling).

Lynn made and modeled a red dress for our GO RED event -- and the little bolero jacket was made entirely out of THREAD. With any luck, Lynn & Nancy will read this post -- and send me a close-up picture of the jacket. Because it is AMAZING. (if I know Nancy Jewell, that picture will be in my mailbox before the end of the day).
Hey -- wouldn't it be cool if I could hyperlink you to the Coats website, and with one click of your mouse -- you could get the instructions for her jacket? Hummm.... it's been awhile since I practiced my "hyperlink" skills.....
One of the best things about last year's GO RED Event was that every single attendee got a really wonderful Goody Bag, including a free spool of Dual Duty XP RED thread. They also got a fun coupon book, and if they went to the Coats Booth after the style show, they got a SECOND free spool of Red Thread. The Coats booth was SWAMPED -- and, altho I'm sure I took a picture -- it's just possible that I can't even tell it's the Coats booth. My photo is nothing but the backside shot of 600 women, all worried that they'd run out of thread!!

Coats and Clark run out of thread?? Is there corn in Iowa? Rain in Seattle? Puhleezzee....

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