Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jeans Challenge: Bonne's Clue

Bonne sent this email -- AND a photo -- with a few intriguing clues...hummm...

From Bonne:
My version of a 3-ring circus = 1 serger + 2 of my sewing machines LOL!!! Have to make the absolute most of the sewing time we get :-)

Here are some new clues:
-could the book be a clue?
-what is one of Rita's favorite fabrics doing in my serger? trying to influence or mingle with my denim?
-and those waistbands??

Enjoying this recycled jeans challenge way too much! Watch out Rita & Jan!!!! Bonne
So -- Bonne -- First of all -- your sewing room is AMAZING. I am green with envy!!
But -- hey -- WHAT BOOK IS ON YOUR COUNTER?? I can't quite make it out...I only WISH I had thought about using zebra stripes in my project. HEY -- it's not too late!! Maybe I can pass it off as my own original idea, eh? Wait -- I've got it!! Maybe I should use the zebra stripe for my butt gusset??

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