Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rita's Jeans Recycle...

Bonne (of the Bonne & Jan crazy sewing duo fame) reads this blog every day. So -- challenge girls -- here's YOUR SEWING CHALLENGE. How about it?
Luveta Nickels was my very first guest blogger -- and TO HONOR HER ENCOURAGEMENT -- I'm going to recycle three pair of jeans into something I can WEAR TO THE SHOW.

In my manic thrift-store-shopping-sprees (which you ALL know about) -- I buy embellished jeans (no matter WHAT size they are) -- thinking, of course, I'll cut up the interesting parts and use them to create something new in MY SIZE.

Also -- I walk 3 miles every day on my treadmill. OH MY GOD. IT IS SOOO BORING. And every single day, I think I will die from the effort. So, I take"sewing breaks". I walk for one mile, then I get to sew something. Last week, during my treadmill breaks, I made two baby blankets and a crib sheet. When Nancy Zieman wrote "10-20-30-Minutes to Sew" -- she probably didn't realize it would become part of a weight loss program! Maybe that could be a new class for Expo, eh?
SO -- THIS WEEK -- BLUE JEANS. Hey -- if it works out, I'll put up a picture of me wearin' em!!
The last picture are the bits I've cut out...some reverse applique flowers from one pair (size 6) -- and the great layered fringed leg bottoms from the second pair.

If you keep coming back to the blog -- you just might see a picture of me in the FINISHED PROJECT...My hope is that my new jeans will be done by the time I walk 3 treadmill miles...


  1. I love it! My kind of weight loss program!

  2. Ok Rita! You're on!! We accept the challenge!! .........3 pair of jeans, huh?! it! going green, jan & bonne