Monday, August 24, 2009

Email from Jan...

As you know -- the jeans challenge is a definite GO. Bonne & Jan have accepted the mission. Here's a picture of Jan right before she & Bonne went on stage to reveal their "2009 challenge".

But we still need a deadline. Jan sent me this email: Jan's comments are in italics, mine are in RED INK...

"I can't believe I'm blogging now - isn't that a strange word?!! (I agree completely -- it makes no sense at all.)

I had to call Bonne to help me try to register but alas I couldn't figure it out - (don't worry -- I can't do that, either, Jan! -- just keep sending me emails -- we'll muddle through it together..)...

I do enjoy your "blog" tho - first one I've ever been to. I guess you have us figured out now - Bonne's the brains of us!! She keeps us on track, in line and always figures out how much we have to tip at restaurants! (I know what you mean -- when the Ya Ya Sisters travel, Mary is in charge of math...)

I'm sure you're kidding (or crazy!) at the 2-week deadline - (HEY -- if this deal takes longer than two weeks, I might have to buy bigger jeans. How much time do you need, girls?)

we can start figuring out what we're doing and start taking pics as we go along - believe it or not, just this morning I was checking out my old jeans that I keep forever and voila! strangely, I have some that will work for me!! This may peak some bigtime interest in Expo since you'll be creating for the challenge, too. (I'm only in for the BLOG challenge, babe -- you're on your own with that challenge program at the show!)

Ok, I'm heading for the studio and Bonne's off to church.............see?!!

Thanks for the fun, jan

(You're welcome!! Now -- GET BUSY...Love, Rita...)

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