Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday's Usual Treasure Hunt, Part ONE

My friend Bert and I usually kick around on Saturday -- it's ALL ABOUT the treasure hunt. (well, to be honest -- there's also eating breakfast and/or lunch in a nice restaurant...)

My blogging assignment was to take pictures with my semi-new Blackberry (it's not that new -- I just haven't used any features since that day in May when Nancy Zieman showed me how to silence the incoming email sound..).

Then -- send the pictures to my email so I could blog them.

Bert is holding a hand-made quilt that looks like it was never washed. Embroidered blocks -- every block is a STATE flower. Amazing bargain at only $25. The really amazing thing is that neither one of us bought it. (So -- just imagine how many quilts we own between us!)

These four beautifully hand-embroidered bathroom hand towels were only $8. And I DID buy 'em. Don't you love the words? And I love the colors. I'm going to hang them all in a row in my bathroom..

Bert could NOT resist this complete set of 12 silverplate. It's the Friendship pattern -- which was her Mom's! Quite a good buy for $45, eh?

How could I resist this beautiful little child chiffarobe (is that a word?). It was only $40 and it broke my heart to leave it there...

In the next post -- I'll show you the most unusual "sewing" treasures of the day!!

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