Sunday, August 9, 2009

End of Summer 2009

This is a picture of my husband's August golf outing. These eight guys have been having monthly golf outings for over 20 years. Last Sunday it was my turn to cook for them -- so I made Easter dinner.
THE SUMMER IS OVER!! I simply cannot believe it. My cousin Kim manages a Jr. High kitchen, and this morning, at 5:00 AM -- she went back to work. That relentless school calendar always lets us know when summer is officially over. And every year, we think the same thing...
But. hey -- just as I was getting all misty-eyed, I remembered -- I don't even like summer. I hate the sweltering heat, mosquitos, tv reruns, swimming suits (I especially hate swimming suits), and I have seldom taken a summer “vacation”.
So, sitting here this morning, thinking about poor Kim – I realized I have absolutely no reason to be sad. Sure – Kim is sad -- she has to go back to work. BUT I’VE BEEN WORKING ALL ALONG.
Duh!! GET OVER IT, RITA…Fall is my favorite season.
(Clearly -- blogging pictures is presenting a challenge for me. First, I could not figure out how to remove one picture and replace it with another -- and then, I could not figure out how to "drag & click" the text...I'm forced to publish this post with an upside-down photo. But, so it wouldn't be quite so annoying for you -- I did reduce it to the size of a pea. Just pretend it's not there. I'm headed back to the tutorial pages...)

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