Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday SUE

If you're lucky (and I am a VERY lucky person) -- you have at least one good friend who goes waaaay back. For me -- that friend is Sue. We became friends in high school, and have never lost touch. She married Kim, and they lived back East when he was in the Navy. John and I were married in Pennsylvania in 1970. Sue and I both ended up raising our two kids in Iowa. Go figure.

I'm happy to report that ALL FOUR of our children long ago moved out of our respective homes -- they have jobs, and EVEN MORE IMPORTANT -- they're having babies!

Recently, we spent our customary "day" together to celebrate Sue's birthday. I took a blanket for Sue's new grandson. Because Kara (Sue's daughter) and her husband both work at John Deere -- I made a baby blanket for new-baby Ian. Here's Sue, holding Ian's new tractor blanket.

Sue took me into the cozy bedroom under the eaves of her beautiful remodeled farmhouse. There, on a little bed, was the blanket I made for Kara when she was born. (30+ years ago!) WHERE DID THE TIME GO?? How is it possible that we are grandmothers? It pains me to tell you that I had no memory at all of making Kara's blanket. That was a lifetime ago.

Apparently, Kara was born during my 'cross-stitch phase". lol. I honestly cannot remember EVER having that much TIME ON MY HANDS. Yikes! The funny thing is -- when I saw the little Snoopy fabric pillowcase on the bed -- THAT I remembered!

Sue assures me that her grandchildren love the little bed with the 30-year-old embroidered bunny quilt. Everything about our day made me think how lucky I am to have a friend like Sue. And what beautiful care she takes of everything. Her home, her family, grandchildren, quilts, friends...

Happy Birthday, Sue!! (too bad you don't do computers or have email...)

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