Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog...

My assignment for the day was to put together some fun pictures from last year's show -- add some music in the background -- and create a "movie". Believe it or not -- after several frustrating hours -- I managed to do get that job done.

(Although my little movie pretty much sucks -- Martin Scorsese and George Lucas will be happy to know I'm not a threat...)

The difficult task was getting the darn thing uploaded to YouTube. But -- hey -- by midnight -- it seemed I finally got that job done.

However -- just when I thought I had cracked the code...I CAN'T GET THE MUSIC TO PLAY!


So -- you won't be able to watch my pitiful little movie today. And I know you are DEVASTATED, DEANNA. (Deanna is my one faithful reader. Although my cousin Linda checks the blog frequently, if there is no picture, she will not bother to read the text.)

Oh well. To keep Linda interested -- I'm going to post a random picture. She'll enjoy this one -- it's of my old swivel rocker in the living room. As you can see, it dressed up in old Christmas sweaters for the holidays.

Right now, it's wearing a patriotic red, white and blue shirt to celebrate the 4th of July and SUMMER. (underneath, it's a very old fashioned flowered velvet.) Well -- hey -- you don't have to take my word for it. Tomorrow, I'll take a picture of it and POST it in this blog.

Happy Days! Cuz that's a task I've already mastered...well, kinda...


  1. Hey Rita! I'm faithful, too, and totally respect all the cool things you're trying to do. I get a giggle every time I read one of your posts, so keep at it. You may make a sewer out of me yet!

  2. OH MY GOD....I can hardly believe you're sticking with it, Shaundra -- my non-sewing friends have all lost interest. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am DE-lighted that you take a break from your busy parenting, bike-riding life! I love your blog, Shaundra -- you write so beautifully about your life and your children. Compared to you -- my blog is advetorial garbage. (I'm hoping here that NOBODY else reads the comments...well, actually -- there's only Deanna, and I happen to know she has NOT figured out comments!) I wish we could go see Julia/Julie together this weekend!! BLOGGERS RULE...

  3. Hey Rita, I check in every day to see how you are doing. It's lots of fun to see what you are up to. Mary

  4. WAY to go Rita. It is a disease I inherited.
    Hoarding, it is not my fault. Trish

  5. Hey Rita. I enjoy your blog. Keep it up.