Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway -- Week 2

I was DElighted to see a maternity challenge on Project Runway!! And I definitely thought they picked the right winner. I loved what Shirin did on week #1, her red carpet dress had a neat hood/shawl/bustle thing in the back -- and I didn't think she got much credit at all.

This week, she SMOKED the competition by making not only a stunning maternity dress -- but also a lined wool coat. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???


Altho they sent the odd-could-never-tell-if-it-was-a-guy-or-a-girl "Malvin" -- home for his (her?) hideous egg costume -- for my money -- the very WORST outfit of the night was from "Epperson". IT WAS A JUMPSUIT!! REALLY?? WITH A HALTER TOP?? SERIOUSLY??? Tell me, Epperson -- have you ever known a pregnant woman??? OR -- been standing in front of a ladie's room door as a pregnant woman was comin' at ya??

As if the impracticality of a maternity jumpsuit wasn't bad enough -- he chose some kind of cardboardy white fabric. Just what every pregnant woman wants -- a stiff fabric that makes her look like a gigantic Eskimo igloo. Puhleeeezzzzze. Apparently, Epperson's nightmare jumpsuit flew under the radar because Malvin's rotten egg outfit was just slightly more horrible than Michell's boring ill-fitting-beige-shorts-and t-shirt-that-looked-like-they-came-out-of-the-dumpster-behind-the-homeless-shelter. Neither Malvin or Michell could sew -- MUCH LESS DESIGN -- and I can hardly believe Michell will live for one more challenge...but I predict Week 3 will be his last. (hopefully).

Hey -- I didn't hate everybody! I loved what Minnesota Christopher did. And I was pleasantly surprised by Qristyl. (and yes, that's really how she spells her name...)

At this point, I'm rooting for Christopher AND Shirin. They've both had great outfits for two weeks in a row.

What did you think??

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