Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who Is My Mystery Guest Blogger??

What do the Sewing & Stitchery Expo Sewing Stars do the other 361 days of the year? (when they're NOT teaching in Puyallup?) Well -- this blog seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to SHOW us what they do. When I received these pictures, I decided to make it into a little mystery game...see if you can guess who the "Sewing Star" is...

My hubby is giving our Great twin Nephews a ride on our 4-wheeler. The farm is a great place when little ones want to be entertained. I use the 4-wheeler exclusively around our farm. Rides to and from the field, herding cattle and running short errands.

The baby calf is a twin that had to be bottle fed. After a few days of constant attention I decided that he was going to the sale barn so I draped the back seat of our NEW pick up with a tarp and loaded him in. He rode most contently to his new owners.

Life on the farm is either summer or winter. I'm either mowing grass or shoveling snow. Which brings me to another use for old blue jeans. If your car is stuck and tires are spinning on ice or snow. Stuff a pair of old jeans under the spinning tires and drive yourself right out. It works.

DO YOU RECOGNIZE HER?? Did you get the jeans clue??

And my first love is sewing and creating every chance I get. I just returned home from Janome institute (over the 4th of July) and can't wait to implement all the new machine techniques I learned!

That's right!! It's my friend, Luveta Nickels!! The Junk Jeans gal...She's had a busy summer on her ranch in South Dakota. In this picture, she is holding up one of her new "Schmetz Needle Collections". Luveta is a Schmetz designer because she has some very DEFINITE (and unexpected) opinions about sewing machine needles and jeans. If you'd like to get in touch with Luveta -- to ask about sewing machine needles or snow shovels -- use the hyperlink in the first line of this paragraph.

THANKS, Luveta, for playing my new BLOGGING GAME! Maybe I'll see you in Houston, eh? Otherwise -- PUYALLUP -- HERE WE COME...

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