Monday, August 3, 2009


Here's another picture of my friend Bonnie with just a few of her 120+ pillowcase dresses!! Every one is a treasure. She gave me one for my new granddaughter, Lillian -- and as soon as I get the pictures back from the "real" photographer -- I'll be posting that, too. OF COURSE..!

During her visit to Barb's Illinois home, Bonnie enjoyed going to Goodwill stores and thrift shops -- on the hunt for vintage pillowcases and/or sheets for her recycled-dresses.

Remember when I said Bonnie and Barb are "identical" twins? (Bonnie lives in Seattle but spends the summer at Barb's house in Monmouth, Illinois). Well -- imagine how much FUN it was for Bonnie when she would bump into somebody at a thrift store! They would typically say, "Gee, Barb -- I've never seen you in here before." And Bonnie would gleefully pretend to be Barb...and act like she shops at thrift stores all the time...

In these two pictures of Barb's back yard -- you can see her city-square-sized fountain, two separate dining rooms, three living room areas and a vine-covered gazebo (complete with a ceiling fan and piped in music). Oh, yeah -- my guess is she doesn't really know much about "thrift store shopping"...

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