Monday, August 10, 2009

Bonnie in a Towel Wrap

Oh, yes -- this is an AMAZING fun -- really easy thing to sew.
And you would be impressed if I could only load the NEXT picture of Bonnie -- which shows what it looks like after she wraps the towel around her back, and puts her left arm in the third armhole...

But, alas, my blogger shortcomings keep causing trouble. Because the next picture is "sideways". Ugh. Blogspot will let me rotate the photo.

I've spent over an hour trying to make that happen. It's late. I've reached my limit.

Oh...the heck with it. I'm just gonna upload the sideways picture. Otherwise, I'll forget about it and you'll always wonder what the towel wrap looked like on Beautiful Bonnie.

Besides. This is a test. Mary Mulari and I were discussing the towel wrap as a quick gift idea for our new Midwest Ya Ya Sister Act -- and I told her I had pictures.
NOW we'll find out whether or not she's still reading the blog....!

So here it is, Mary -- just turn your computer screen sideways and you'll see exactly what I was talking about.

P.S. -- AND, Mary -- I've also figured out how to size it for children. Regular bathtowels make great little-kid-wraps. The pink part at the top is the bottom of a it really is just fifteen minutes of sewing! (but, make no mistake -- three intense days of measuring!)

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