Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Weather

So far, this winter SUCKS.

This is my car -- buried in snow, and sitting on a sheet of solid ICE. It got just warm enough to melt a lot of snow -- then the temperature dropped, FREEZING everything -- then more snow.

Easy to understand why all those Iowans and Minnesotans go to Florida and/or Texas for the winter, eh?

Like millions of other people in the country, we were hammered by another blizzard on December 23rd. Again -- NO ELECTRICITY for six hours. At least, this time, it happened in the morning -- so I was able to do things like make fresh beds, pick up the house, etc. Then, I went to my sister's house (she has a different power company) for a shower and to make a pot of coffee. My niece Kelcy was there with her baby, Mason. Here's Mason. (all his blankets are jungle themed!).

Chad's 3-year old daughter, Madeline, was also there -- so she and I played games. She did her best to entertain me...

This is Madeline surrounded by some of the blankets my sister Deena made to send to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. When soldiers travel, they often really NEED a lightweight blanket.

If you find yourself with a large stash of polar fleece -- think about making blankets for soldiers. Here's the website for Soldiers Angels

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