Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Socks for Soldiers

I sewed two sock monkeys last night in about 20 minutes. And I thought to myself, "this is a piece of cake -- I should make ten of these before Christmas..."

Then, I started to "stuff" them. Ugh. NOW I SEE THE PROBLEM...

Oh, dear. The stuffing -- and then, there is hand-sewing the ears, the arms, the tail, the mouth. Uh huh. It took me two full hours to finish ONE MONKEY. But the good news is that my son Ross took pity on me -- so he helped with the stuffing...

Anyway -- I'll post some pictures as soon as they're done. (DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH)

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you something special about the Fox River Mills people in Osage, Iowa. They make all kinds of socks. Merino wool socks, special moisture-wicking sports socks for hiking, workouts, snowmobiling, etc. -- AND, special military socks.

If you want to send socks to an American soldier -- they'll pay the shipping.

My sister Deena and her co-workers have been adopting soldiers for almost ten years...and I called to tell her about Fox River.

You may know a soldier who would appreicate some super-duper-made-in-America-wick-away-the-moisture-military-socks. Remember -- if you go to the website to order the socks, they pay the shipping if the socks are going to an APO address.

If you don't have a specific soldier in mind -- Fox River also has a 'wish list" of many companies serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea -- all over the world. You can order socks for these soldiers and Fox River pays the shipping.

It just seems like a practical, worthwhile gift. And something any soldier would appreciate... Again -- their website is (Fox River Mills)


  1. Thank you for blogging about SoxForSoldiers. I hadn't heard about it until your post, and it felt really good to order stuff off their Wish List.

  2. Thanks for commenting...Me, too!! AND my sister ordered socks for her son-in-law serving in Iraq (enough for all his friends, too). AND then I went to their "overstock" page and ordered myself some new wool socks for $5.99 a pair....

  3. Rita, I wanted to say thanks for posting their website for all of us. I certainly thought of my Air Force son and my brothers in Iowa.

    Our American Legion Post, and many others provide gifts for soldiers and Wounded Warriors. A notice in our BUGLE newsletter will be helpful too, as on occasions it's their families that need a lift.

    Many Americans think of helping the soldiers & paid company direct shipment is cost saving plus if they don't know a specific soldier or address, a soldier still receives a thoughtful gift that warms the feet as well as the heart.

  4. Thanks, Rose!! I've received several emails about the FoxSox offer to pay for the shipping to an APO soldiers' address. It is a wonderful thing they're doing -- and I can tell you -- their socks are AMAZING!