Friday, December 18, 2009

Mary's Mansions Day

Coincidentally, during Mary's December visit -- my local community college was having a "Christmas Mansion Tour". OF COURSE I SIGNED US UP!! Hey -- LUCKY MARY.

There was soo much I did not know about the beautiful little town of Geneseo. For one thing, it was founded in the 1830's by a group of devout abolishinists and was an important stop on the underground railroad. In the basement of one mansion, we saw where the fugitive slaves were safely kept. It was all very interesting...

The tour started in Geneseo, Illinois, at the Historial Museum:

Then, we took a bus tour of Geneseso -- and our guide pointed out dozens of "Sears Homes". I began to recognize one particular house plan...there must have been a hundred versions of it in Geneseo...

When they ordered the house, they could add porches, or change the roofline...

This house has stayed close to the original, base model Sears offered...

We had lunch in a Victorial mansion B&B. Here we are, in front of the decorated fireplace. VERY festive, eh? (I bought the sweater on quarter day at the Goodwill Store -- in JULY. The hard part was FINDING IT in December.)

If you get a chance, check out the Holiday House Tours in your own community! It's a great way to spend some time with a favorite sister, friend or grandchild.


  1. That seemed like a very nice time ... and I probably wouldn't have found the sweater in December that I bought in July! Happy Holidays ~ Judi

  2. NO KIDDING!! Believe me -- that was NOT easy...

  3. Rita, I found you on the Sewing Expo blog & came over to see you, as you mentioned Iowa! My two bachelor brothers are still on the farm in an old turn of the century farm house. The end of the kitchen was rebuilt some years ago, but I've not seen it...'85 since my last trip home.

    They had the upper hall window boarded up for a long time, but this year finally put in a new thermo pane and recently told me they cam see deer tracks in the snowy field to the North. Burr.. must help the heat situation a bit! I hope next year they get others fixed too.

    My G/W find was a soft long length red shirt. At our party for the American Legion kids, my friend had her Elf clothes on & Santa was great decked out in new boots. One of our members has a white mustache curled at the ends..looks the part.

    There are many historical old Mansions here & one a four story B&B less than a half mile away. A blueberry farm on the next road has one too & sell their yummy jelly. The school kids get to tour the Pioneer House in Puyallup and is near the Sewing Expo!