Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Homemade Baby Wipes

My sister, Deena, has FOUR grandchildren. As you can imagine, "baby wipes" has become a major new category of spending in her house. When Mary and I went to meet the two Thanksgiving baby boys -- she was making her "homemade baby wipes". And I COULD NOT RESIST photographing the process. This is a GREAT idea -- and something you may want to have handy -- even if you don't have three or four pooping infants!

The first thing is to buy the right container -- these Sterilite containers have the little covered hole in the top -- buy the 16 ounce size...

Then, using a serated knife, you must CUT a roll of BOUNTY PAPER TOWELS in half. (they MUST be Bounty).

Bring to a boil: two cups of water with two tablespoons of Baby Wash.

You place the half-roll of towels (rough side DOWN) into the container, and pour the hot solution into the container:

After a few minutes, the cardboard in the middle will soften -- and you pull it out.

Pull up the first wipe from the CENTER of the roll...

Thread it through the little hole -- and VOILA -- YOU HAVE A GIANT CONTAINER OF HOMEMADE BABY WIPES...


  1. Any ideas on where to find the Sterilite-type container? I don't see them on the web or at local store. More Rubbermaid here.
    Possible link?

  2. My sister Deena bought them at TARGET..I'll call her to get the exact size and name.