Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glove Pattern!!

Apparently, it isn't that easy to find a good glove pattern. But my new friend, Susan, emailed me about making gloves -- finding STRETCH VELVET is the hardest part. If Pacific Fabrics is reading this -- maybe they still have some of that WONDERFUL ZEBRA STRIPE KNIT FABRIC I bought last year. It wasn't velvet -- but it had a great two-way stretch. Susan says that's the secret to making gloves. Here's the pattern she recommendes -- from the Vogue website. These gloves have the separate pattern piece for the thumb....

Now that I'm looking at it and thinking about all those little pieces, maybe $28 at the Holiday Craft Show in New York City was a bargain.

I LOVE MY VELVET GLOVES. I bought three pairs last year, but I gave two pair away as gifts...this is my favorite pattern....SMASHING...


  1. $28 sounds like an absolute steal! Fabulous find!

  2. The Threads blog also has a lovely gloves pattern in 3 sizes plus examples courtesy of John Koch based on his article in Threads #145. See and download them from