Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

You NEVER know what kind of bargains you're going to find while thrift-store shopping. The secret is to be OPEN to the possibilities...and not be looking for anything in particular. During our recent treasure-hunt, Mary found a heating pad in excellent condition, with a soft flannel cover...(Mary ALWAYS travels with a heating pad -- she says it comes in handy more than you can imagine.)

I found a vintage box of baby bed linen -- beautiful embroidery -- still wrapped in the unbroken cellophane. The language on the box was all in German. I think. And, when I opened it, I STILL DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS. But I am delighted to own it. And, hey -- it was only $1...

Mary is wearing her new apron, and carefully folding several of her like-new men's shirts. Remember -- she's GOT A BOYFRIEND now. Doug will be delighted to know she was thinking about him...and -- hey -- if he doesn't like the shirts -- they'll end up being used in one of her new SEW GREEN projects!!

Here I am, with some new outfits for baby Lillian. Although the leopard fur came from Bloomingdale's -- the fabulous red tafetta came from the Goodwill Store...if you look closely, you'll see ANOTHER Christmas dress with a black velvet collar. The little orange dress is a soft, cuddly corduroy that cost 67 cents....As it turns out, she already has enough pink. I guess I'm the anti-pink Grandma!! I can hardly wait to see Lillian in her new outfits...

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